Resolutions for 2013

New years challenge 2013 resolutions

Are you ready for a challenge?

by Bernard-Charles

Over at my awesome community, My Inspiration Network, I am challenging people to create real-solutions for the coming year. Ideally, this should be for years to come afterwards, but sometimes working in manageable chunks is just for the better. One year at a time, ya know?

The challenge is simple and direct. Instead of focusing on immediate fleeting changes like winning the lottery or meeting unreal weight-loss expectations, why not improve the way we think by creating a “real-solution.”  These goals are centered on doing good for others, maintaining a healthy body and mind connection, or perhaps taking more time to enjoy life without trying to keep up with the Joneses.

I see many people discouraged by the thought of resolutions and mostly it’s because they forget about their goals or feel the pressure to meet them within the month of January alone. My Inspiration Network (MIN) helps curb the new year misconception by cheering on each other and reminding you that you have an unlimited source of energy to make positive change last over long periods of time. Simply, we all are individuals and the process of enlightenment or progress have unique divine timing attached to it. READ MORE HERE.

The point of real-solutions for the new year is to have a broad theme to work within as we create various sized goals to achieve. This is why taking part in Lyn Thurman’s Soul Path Tribe is a great advance toward commitment and positive spirit. MIN members have a special discount on this experience and I highly recommend signing up. I am part of it too, so we can definitely get to know each other more.

May the new year be more adventuresome and enjoyable as we discover new inspirations, improve our dreams, and make the greatest creations that humankind has ever seen.

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5 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2013

  1. Berns…I think that you are so mature, even graduating at the end of the year….you and your other Point Park graduates in the same situation are out there hitting the world already….I have to admit I have trouble as every year goes by letting go to the past, but not 2012, maybe 2008!! As you know Robyn at 21 took it upon herself to move to San Diego, has a job already, and moving into an apartment next week already…when I was 21 I could never have done that…needed the security of being a young mother….
    I love reading everything you write, you are so ambitious and as I have told you for the hundreth time I am positive you will succeed in life. I am trying to make some very big changes this year….its hard and to be honest it is to get over my lonliness and depression….but I know I can do it now…

    1. Sandy, thank you so much! Your comment is beautiful and I love reading your comments. Well big changes can be scary but taking small steps to reach the top is the best way to WIN! You can message a Life-Teacher for free on MIN. 🙂 That’s what they’re there for.

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