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Have you seen Facebook ads recently for this home-study Reiki certification course?

Well I did just this past week and said to myself…

Yeah, and lets see how expensive this will be!

Truth be told, my ego slams self-help offerings and services to the ground. Most holistic or wellness classes nowadays are top-notch expensive and so my dear protective shadow-side tends to put on the armor and suit up for war! However….long pause…this course is only $47! Now compare this to other certifications I see flying around online and IRL this is a deal waiting to be had.

Or is it?

A little housekeeping…

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

My hip social media self after seeing this deal went straight to the Reiki Infinite Healer Facebook page to find really odd things that will determine if I will pay for this affordable 3 level reiki certification package.

  • What I noticed was the lack of a Facebook cover photo.
  • The page’s posts are all dated on March 6 (at the time of me writing this to you).
  • So, naturally my eyes jumped to the number of likes and a romping 1,500+ nudged my gut.

What does this mean?

Well I need to ask more questions. So I saw recent posts by others and reached out to Dave Nelson, the creator of the program via contact form to give a review of the first portion of his offering. In my email I told him that I noticed that people were looking for real online reviews of the course so hopefully that would have tickled his fancy and it did.

This was a couple of days ago, he had sent me the first part of the course without worry or fuss and I have been reading the material. What he included was the Level 1 book, Hand Positions video, 3 instrumental music tracks (the one I like best is Picaso’s Garden), and flash cards.

I don’t have to spend weeks on working with the material seeing that I am (and I know you are too) a natural reiki master already. I use reiki energy every time I hug, kiss, touch and stand by someone or simply be. That’s how I approach the concept of life force. So really what’s this course offering me? 


I think it is pretty simple and direct in how Nelson and the Reiki Infinite Healer brand created the Level 1 ebook. I can tell you that you aren’t paying for fancy, exhilarating or beautiful design. The book is really simple and offers lots of “historic” components. I place that in quotes because there is no resource or citation page giving the reader of this book a solid certainty this is for fact. Most of the tips and “How-to” portions are what you would generally find online anywhere. But then again this is Level 1 course material.


Since being an active socialite in the wellness community for some time, it’s pretty common for most to have claimed some sort of title associated with the art of reiki. There isn’t anything wrong with titles, but that’s what I feel you will be paying for the most. The book is not any different then going to your local bookstore and reading about reiki. If you want to claim certification and get the title for reiki Master then by all means do so. Just know that this package doesn’t hold you accountable in owning up to your title.


Like other entrepreneurial sensations such as Leonie Dawson and her fancy community, there are free takeaways to boost your “all-inclusive” experience with a brand. I mean that’s what I see across the scope of internet-based companies. So Reiki Infinite Healer isn’t any different, there are these “special (time-limited)” bonus ebooks you will receive. I don’t know what they will be like since I did not get any but if it’s anything like the core reading material in Level 1 then free sounds good to me.

All in all, the course is masculine. I mean what more can you ask for when it comes to down-to-earth basics. The overall point in the holistic and spiritual industries isn’t supposed to be about money. It’s about the effort and authenticity of energy. So if you feel like giving this a shot because you’ve been eyeing up something quick and easy for you to digest on the weekend, then by all means try it out.

The bottom line, firefly

Remember this is an internet do-it-yourself experience so I mean you can book that 2-week retreat to some island to practice reiki in the flesh for a thousand dollars or you can learn to improve your life by studying reiki at home in your natural and authentic reality for $47. It just depends on personal taste. It’s what you make of it that counts and so follow your intuition. Maybe you and a friend can get the material and have a reiki book club? Or maybe you rather not share this intimate subject with friends and business rivals so you want to hide away for a few weeks in your bedroom. So many different people are online with individual motives.  Whatever the case may be, I personally am not satisfied investing and risking half of my PayPal budget (regardless of the 60 day money back guarantee).

Once I start seeing some personal and realness behind the brand like a better engaging Facebook page, then I will invest in this reiki crash course. Beefing up my bio section sounds awesome and having the certificates to satisfy the mainstream mentality is okay, in my opinion.

Until then…I will meditate.

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13 thoughts on “Reiki Infinite Healer course review

  1. I am so glad I read the comments and/or reviews before signing up for this course. I was ready to order this course. I clicked on the payment section and suddenly the above review/comment board appeared. After reading all of your comments, I have determined that this course is not what I was hoping for and neither was Dave Nelson!

    However, I am very interested in learning more about Reiki? Have any of you found a better higher learning site that offers this material? I would greatly appreciate and welcome any help with this matter.

    Thank you.

  2. I bought the course and still having trouble they obviously do not believe me they want video and screen shots of what I’m supposedly doing wrong but since I know how to sign into something they will not refund my money after it says you can receive a refund they keep on telling me the sign in is working fine so please do not get sucked into the trap

  3. I ordered the class. Quite a surprise. I am a REIKI practitioner and graduate in Raja Yoga Meditation through the World Spiritual Organization, locations through out the World. I have studied and continue to consider myself to be a life long student and you are never done learning all of the different, I will refer to them as modalities. I consider it to be a healing art. While Infinite Healer seems to have knowledge it’s not organized. First he presents no bio. To date I have yet to see any information substantiating his credentials. The original material I received was substandard. Red Flag: You need to know if this person is an accredited REIKI III Master which allows him to teach. He must offer his linage of REIKI masters, education etc. He impresses us with his knowledge of Dr. Mikao Usui’s method, (Usui REIKI was the, so to say, original REIKI) as we see it as the Gold Standard teaching method in most cases today. Your on line certificate doesn’t carry a lot of weight if your looking to be a professional. I’m not in complete agreement with Infinite Healer’s teaching material. This is serious business if you want to practice. Red Flag: I only received a few items of those promised. My advertising offered Guidebooks or Books. I received E-books as did other people. The 1st book was 61 pages. Interesting cover and exactly as advertised in color but pictures showed books with no mention of E-books. Then a Table of Contents with subjects with page numbers. Then we go downhill, the pages weren’t numbered. If your destination was page 55 of 61 you needed to very slowly count each page as you very slowly scrolled it until you reached page 55. The next E-book arrived with 11 pages all numbered, no Table of Contents. Infinite Healer rides on Usui REIKI. However his teaching is not consistent with Usui Reiki. He discusses Mandalas and Chanting which is not used in this method, the method you supposedly are receiving your certifications for and this can be very confusing. Also, Mandalas should be customized to the user. Fast forwarding (sorry not enough space or time for more details) you do need to keep in touch with your Master. There is a lot of interesting details, questions, questions, and more questions. There is also a REIKI SHARE which is free of charge and held in many locations where Reikli I thru III come together and practice and share experiences. They take turns giving and receiving REIKI and may practice sending long distance REIKI to our troops and other special requests. This is for REIKI II and III practitioners but REIKI I’s may observe and prepare them for REIKI I certs. RED FLAG: Obtaining insurance is a serious consideration and a knowledge of medicals issues. Know if client/patient has medical/mental issues such as depression etc., diabetics may experience an insulin spike after, so to say, treatment. Are you familiar with the parts of the body and organs? Red Flag: Symbols and attunements are important elements contributing to your success and in your ascension and opening your portals to a higher self and receiving more energy to flow, boost you agility. Infinite Healer suggest they aren’t necessary but on his latest FaceBook blog he nearly reverses this. If you are going to learn the Gold Standared Usui Reiki this is not the way it is taught. There is so much more and if you feel that you would like to join the growing population who are pursuing REIKI, including doctor’s, RN’s, medical workers, light worker’s etc. now being invited and accepted in medical institutions and private practice, spend the money and do it the right way. This is a great introduction to this “modality” for $47. but not the total package of what you will need now and going forward. REIKI I can run up to $150., REIKI II same or possibly $200. depending on how ascended your Master is. REIKI III possibly up to $300. You will be going through personal changes as you pass through each level and it is normally recommended that you drink plenty of water prior to your next level class and for 3 days after to flush out toxins that will be released. Who will be there to answer your questions as you go through these experiences? Do not plan on consuming liquor during this time. Also it is recommended that you maintain a waiting period between receiving your next level to allow yourself to settle in and experience each period of change. There may be some offerings out there at $$ savings for learning and receiving certification for REIKI I & II in one weekend. It’s not advisable so be careful. Meanwhile enjoy Dave Nelson’s material if you wish to spend $47. to become acquainted w/REIKI. I encourage you to share what you learn and take advantage of all educational material offered free or at costs. There is so much to learn.
    I did cancel after my 1st E-book experience and not receiving all info and other material advertised. Many people were disappointed to state it mildly regarding E-Book vs advertised Guidebooks or just Book. promised. My bank give me their phone number after I emailed Dave to cancel (60 day guarantee 100% return) and it didn’t happen. Yes, I did call and got a woman’s recorded voice, “Sorry, nobody is hereto help you” 3 times w/o asking my name or leave a message. My bank is still working on this. (Think about bringing some books home free from your library to further your education until Infinite Healer works on it’s standards.) Also don’t get upset if you find this course being offered by one or as I did two other individuals under different names for $47.on Face Book. Same products and same “Book” cover. Apparently the company that is offering this is also offering other courses of interest also for $47.?

  4. I asked for a refund within a week of purchasing and Dave refused. And, he was extremely rude about it. He’s a fraud and his course is a ripoff. Karma will pay him back.

  5. Is a scam.
    I went on one advert and it give me another dave Nelson. LOL!!!

  6. i really like how authentic and honest your writing is

  7. What struck me as a bit strange about this are the apparent “testimonials” they all seem to be written by the same person and the names of the people are very stereotypical of the photos. My desire to expand my knowledge and ability in this area says yes to this but my intuition says no…i’ll go with my gut for now.

  8. Has there been any update to this? I continue to see if I can find any reviews that someone has PERSONALLY done this course and still have yet to find anything. Its hard to find anything and I know Reiki isnt well known or widely practiced but you would think there would be more to find….

    1. Callie, I know this may feel frustrating! I actually have not heard or seen any changes. After I posted this the founder of this particular program told me in a cheeky way that he should have focused more on design instead of the content. Oh well. Reiki is well known and widely practiced. Most new age and wellness providers in the holistic industry have at least level 1 training. Don’t be misled.

      1. Andie DeRobertis March 7, 2017 — 8:09 am

        So are you saying yes or no to this course ultimately? I’m already a Reiki Master but wasn’t taught as well as I’d have liked to be…

  9. Good choice. I took a quick look at the website, and it’s not something I would spend my money on. I wouldn’t trade my in-person attunements for anything. But then they weren’t exactly traditional lol!

    1. Thanks for letting me know what you think! Yeah I don’t know I sent the link to them and I got a message saying basically that they should have focused all their attention on a Facebook cover photo instead of a course on reiki. They ended it with a LOL. Weird. They wanted an honest opinion so I dished it. I expect people to be more than a couple posts. No base website. At least a cover photo to make yourself look decently presentable would be reassuring. Like I said it’s personal taste.

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