Really quick, I am committing sins, so what

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So you are gay for life and you think tarot, crystals and living like a yogi is oober cool. However this is one more thing you must keep stashed away from your family for the bible says it’s the act of evil and sinful!

Tell them to pound sand.

Well, I am here to tell you that it’s okay to run away with ALL things magical + mystical. Being gay is just the beginning to a magical energy love fest that God endorses if the political Earth beings here want to acknowledge otherwise so be it.

It’s your life and you’ll live it the way that makes you feel sexy and enlightened.

What I have learned since my journey with spirit as I like to call it in addition to being gay is that many TRUE spiritual people love GAY people. I guess they can’t get enough of our fabulous sexy rainbowliciousness.

Our energy is raw.

  • We rock at color!
  • We tell you how it is and where to go find the sunshine.
  • We give great heart-based hugs.
  • We went through shit to know how to live cunningly and swiftly.
  • Being nude is our authenticity.
  • Having fun with our inner child is how we function in this society.

I think just with this wee list of awesomesauce, we know how to live with zest and spunk naturally.

Being gay is a gift.

I learned last year on along my spiritual path that there was a term used by Native Americans called Two-Spirits. Since finding out about this belief system, my viewpoint on how to look at gay people ( even myself ) transformed. I am not just one spirit, but two!

Not saying you must run away from Christian beliefs or pressuring you to adopt an occult lifestyle, but I am telling you that life is vibrational.

We all are energy. And this energy we feel and experience to put it lightly can be identified as either masculine or feminine. It really doesn’t matter because we all have varying degrees of both. So if you ever felt drawn to the Yin Yang symbol or the concept of balance than you totally resonate with the knowledge and wisdom of being Two-Spirit.

Would love to chat with you more about two-spirits and such, but I must be off to canvass small businesses for Equality PA. If you want, we can totally be friends on Facebook, just send me a message! Really wanted to spur this little post and get you fired about outliving your sexy gayness!


  1. I have said for my entire life that being gay is a gift from God! It’s nice to hear someone agree with me! I also KNOW that being gay is not a problm for my God. It is simply how I was created by him!! You keep on growin Bernard. You are doing great! Congratulations!!

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