By request and popular demand, here’s how to get a color reading with me.

People have a variety of reasons why they want a reading with me. Some want to experience the color oracle cards in action others value a second opinion when their vision boards and affirmations aren’t working. Then there are the select few that are so lost, unmotivated, confused by God, and need answers. So, why try to do it alone when two heads and two hearts are better than one.

    review rating 5  Bernard amazes me. To create a color 'oracle' deck then use them in incredibly profound readings... SERIOUSLY - you can't get any better than this! To use COLOR is such a brilliant way to represent energy and transition. Color can be represented without words - it can BLAST through the EGO. It's shows resonance and struggle in a way that is more relatable than a tarot card, oracle or goddess... Bernard's readings are POWERFUL. The COLOR DECK is energy and wisdom at it's purest and packs a potent dose of spiritual reality. Thank you for being a beacon of light, Bernard!

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Choose the path that best fits you

  1. Watch your reading on-demand. Get a pre-recorded video (30-45 minutes long) delivered to you via private YouTube link which includes color, tarot and mood forecast for the month ahead is $108
  2. You wanna have conversation in real time. Sessions are 90 minutes long or longer generally. Get a live session with me where we mark a time to meet over zoom or in person that includes color, tarot and a mood forecast ahead depending on duration:
  • 3 months ahead – $222
  • 6 months ahead – $555
  • *12 months ahead – $1111

Note: 12 months ahead reading includes one live session where we unpack your core desires and fears plus an additional session (pre-recorded) delivered to you 6 months after the original reading via private YouTube link where I go over changes and updates to your energy halfway through the year forward.

This bonus reading is automatic. At no extra cost to you.

Energy changes as you live life and make choices, so to anticipate advancements (or setbacks) in your aura, I like to give you a 6-month reading on the house after our initial session to keep you updated about the current color energy in your life and career. It’s preventive chakra care.

Next Steps

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If you’re unable to pay via PayPal, I accept Venmo @thecolormage 


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