Rainbow optx color glasses simplifies chakra balancing


I live a pretty full life.

Meditating, hanging with internet friends and working up a color storm whenever I can.

So when I discovered these cool color glasses by Rainbow Optx my chakras got excited.

Finally, a simple way to incorporate color in my life that doesn’t require investing enormous amounts of money or time to feel good.

I did reach out to the company and inquired about writing a review for these neat therapy glasses and they were kind enough to send me four glasses to try! At the time I originally wanted green, purple and magenta but the magenta colored lenses were sold out! If you purchased a color reading from me then you would know I would have chosen an orange pair (it being my favorite color and I can never stop talking about the benefits of orange) but sadly those too were not available.

My disappointment in the loss of orange and magenta were not going to deter my excitement over these glasses though. I was more than happy to settle for just the two intended colors but the wizard behind our email exchanges surely knows their stuff because they offered to include two complementary color glasses (red and yellow) to balance my original choice of green and purple.

Obviously, they know their stuff when it comes to balance but there is more.

Playing with these glasses

I should advise you that these are not sunglasses. They offer no protection so don’t get stupid and think these are protective sunglasses.  UPDATE 10/15/14: The labeling on the packaging is mistaken. Our manufacturer bagged them in the incorrect bags. They are in fact UV protective. Considering we order many thousands at a time, we chose to sell them as-is rather than re-bag each individual pair, and avoid the waste of throwing away the old incorrect bags. A brave firefly in the comments below did her research and I am most grateful! Turns out these glasses are great for the fun in the sun action, so I updated this little post, happy coloring! It was neat to see the full moon in color and these glasses can definitely expand on how you work with lunar energy and color at the same time!

For a few days at a time I wore these glasses and even let my siblings try them on for fun. It was a magical experience to see their faces light up with each turn they took with these durable shades. And of course the bickering led to dropping them, but they survived a concrete floor and I haven’t found any scratches. Certainly impressed by these glasses and the material used to make each one isn’t a flimsy plastic like those 3D ones you get by going to the movie theater.

Only cool spirit junkies wear color

Using these glasses to balance chakras

The wave of reiki masters and everyday crystal collectors wanting to improve their lives holistically can use these glasses to amplify their personal energy.

I specifically used my purple glasses for meditations and card readings which boosted the charisma of my intuition. Working in candlelight with the glasses was mystical. In my day-to-day role, the yellow ones helped to perk up my gloomy self and just having a yellow object rest on top of your head feels like a halo. The red ones to be honest are my least favorite and I’ve yet to work with them enough to tap into their unique power. As for the green, you really should not work with half of the heart chakra balance. The rose pink pair should not be sold/bought separately from the green since both colors emanate the yin and yang of our love.

7 out of 7 on the color wheel

A moderated holistic wellness plan is perfect and these glasses certainly have the power to invoke emotions and feelings that align with each chakra’s purpose. I do not have the complete set but in times of hustle and bustle putting on a pair of glasses is a simpler way than trying to balance crystals on your forehead.

I still haven’t mastered that one yet.

Buy your chakra color glasses here or grab a color reading to see which glasses you’ll need based on your personal color results.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow optx color glasses simplifies chakra balancing

  1. Thanks for this review Bernard!

  2. Duuuuuuuude. Your hair’s looooooooonngg.

  3. Fun! I looked at the website and it does say they are usable as sunglasses, “The lenses meet current FDA standards for sunglass safety. They are impact resistant and meet general purpose UV protection requirements.”

    1. The plastic wrapper that comes with the glasses says “NOT SAFE FOR USE AS SUNGLASSES” so it would be in your best interest and not use them as such! Liabilities!

      1. Huh, that’s weird that they state that on their website then. That should be clarified, I shall contact them as that is a big thing to have as misleading information for potential customers.

      2. Hey Bernard,

        So I emailed them and got a reply and OPTX says that they ARE in fact UV protective its just their manufacturer bagged them in the incorrect bags and so instead of being wasteful to correct the huge numbers of orders that went out, they left them as is.

      3. Well,thank you for looking into this! Woohoo! Can you forward me the email so I can update the post?

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