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Same-sex marriage is a hot topic and is close to my heart because I value the essence of love. The revolution of understanding what it means to love is breaking traditional roots and evolving into a pure state of compassion, empathy and humanity. What better way to show you what I mean by performing a color reading that demonstrates the current facets of marriage equality.

pennsylvania marriage equality psychic reading

Like all my readings, I shuffle the cards to randomize the outcome and repeat an intention or question in my head to infuse the cards with those thoughts. I pulled up this Equality Pennsylvania website and focused on the Keystone symbol while asking the cards: what does marriage equality look like in Pennsylvania. When I felt ready to stop shuffling, I cut the deck in half and placed the cards back together. Then I cast each card down in the shape of circle representing time, cycles and in traditional tarot, The Wheel.

Marriage Equality forecast

The first card laid down is the present situation or the overall challenge in regards to marriage equality: Gray – Learn to Scan Your Body. This is in the center of the circle indicating to me that the core problem is that people are not justly connected with their physical bodies. They are stuck like a statue and can also symbolize stagnant energy in the situation. Gray is clearly worn by numerous business, legal and administrative people so this is clear to me that the system in place is rather stuffy, hard and out dated hence the chipping away on the statue in the card. The knowledge here is to become aware of how stuck or frozen you are with the marriage equality proposal.

Above the core card represents the seed of marriage equality: Watermelon – Have Fun with Your Inner Child. Here we are dealing with the heavenly or higher thoughts about same-sex marriage. Like the fruit itself, the outer appearance is hard, but quite emotional on the inside. This can represent the womb of life. As a child, you were highly fun and free, but also easier to mold and impress for the greater good or not. Reconnecting with your inner child as a first step to understanding marriage equality is crucial because kid love to love. Their love is in essence pure until weighed down or cracked by outside forces. It’s okay to be vulnerable right now and feel your true emotions and not those seeded out of fear.

Our first color in reversal as well as representing the overall environmental conditions to marriage equality: Lemon – Access Innovative Thinking. Like all civil rights movements, the time is revolutionary. The United States to many was founded upon the value of the underdog and how that led to innovation of cultural understandings and acceptance. Marriage equality is no different however there is a acid force preventing the flow for a revolution or innovation for that matter. Being too rigid or aggressive isn’t going to create more positive energy. The outside influence to this situation is casting same-sex marriage as something sour instead of adding something sweet to bring equilibrium to the forefront. What do you make when life hands you lemons…exactly.

The downward flow in this circle is becoming increasingly more clear as we have another reversal card which represents the fear of marriage equality: Rainbow – Connect to Spirit in Nature. I chuckled when this appeared because a vision of people running from a PRIDE flag popped into my head. Having a full force of all the chakra colors can be quite scary no doubt because these colors realign and adjust your natural energy centers. If the core of the situation is gray then clearly rainbow energy is something to fear. People’s fears with same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania may not be from a lifeless flag itself, but that of what the flag represents. Rainbows are a product of light meeting water and this could mean that people are fearful of the light (knowledge and wisdom) meeting water (emotions and intuition). This fear of light and water disconnects us from our own natural spirit to be happy, joyful and pleasant.

The bedrock of marriage equality: Green – Revitalize your nervous system. This is one of the main colors of the heart chakra which expresses love. Literally the nervous system is how your brain communicates to the rest of your body and vice versa. The backbone of same-sex marriage is clearly about bringing in new growing lifeforce energy to the human collective. ¬†I always believed that the human element was love and this is why we mourn for those that live far away or celebrate when others achieve greatness. We are individual leaves on an expansive tree. The force in which we thrive is on renewal and change and therefore everything has it’s season. In order for us to be prosperous and to grow successfully we should honor our human capabilities to adapt, to love and to grow from within spiritually to enhance our system of human connection and outreach.

The advice or fertilizer for marriage equality: Pink – Let Love In. This is the second corresponding color of the heart chakra and is simply about the energy of love itself. Unconditional compassion and empathy for the human soul. I am not talking about feeling sorry for someone because that would be sympathy, I am advising you to allow love into your life that literally means taking on and recognizing that people outside of you are an extension of yourself because we all are one. Overall the miracle growing solution to this topic is simply about love. Love has no religious, scientific or political baggage because it is ever present and ever creating. Authentic acceptance for those that embrace love for humankind is the wisdom here. Let it be.

The outcome or future of marriage equality: Emerald – Calm your mind, body & soul. When things are said and done, there is tranquility. This deep lush color of green demonstrates a ripple effect and once other states and countries allow gay marriage others may follow suit. The idealistic Emerald City is upon us so simply keep mindful of your heart chakra and soothe your emotions. There is always a calmness after the storm so move forward through your fears and realize that there is a pot of gold at the end of the legendary rainbow.

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