Probably what you should do when attending a clothing optional gay camp

I spent a few days out-of-town to enjoy a gay pagan festival called Prometheus Rising in New Milford, PA.

(If you sent me messages then know I am spending the rest of the weekend replying to each one!)

The camp that hosted the gay event is called Oneida and it’s only a 20 minute drive from my mom’s house. There is another gay camp right next to my family’s residence but I did not grow up in this house so the surrounding gayness did not influence my gayness. My mom actually says putting me in a suit for a photo shoot when I was like 4 years old cursed me. I beg to differ!

I digress.

The festival was a cozy group of middle-aged men seeking to invoke magick together. It was enchanting to meet every walk of life. I kept to myself primarily so I could observe and not come off as some big personality with no room for listening. I respect the boundary of the group and wanted the leaders of such an event to take charge. I was merely a visitor for a couple of days and did not feel compelled to overstep my place in the circle.

We opened the ceremony and called the four corners on the Scorpio full moon. Afterwards, the gathering met in a field and we danced freely without constraints. Prompted to act like snakes, scorpions, eagles and the legendary phoenix. Our sacred dance was a journey with our shadows and resentments. It was a chance for us to reclaim our power and allow our body’s movements to take shape in releasing¬†the bondage of pain and guilt. It was beautiful.

I swirled my color cloak like wings and kept focus on the flames before me. To each their own identity flourished.

A couple of souls unclothed completely half way through the transformation. I was inspired but not swept away to do it myself. The only rule really was to do what you felt comfortable to do. I don’t sing in front of others, but managed to spill¬†some out when we sat around the camp fire. I did not have anything to prove or expected much, I just wanted to simply be.

¬†Earth is my body…

After the fire simmered its last ember in the dead of night, I connected with spirit by bonding with hummingbird and releasing fears of losing control. Vulnerable and intimate as we lay stark in lunar play.

Probably what you should do when attending a clothing-optional gay camp is to release your ego and allow the moment to take flight. Give your natural energy the authority to simply be.

Get naked.

I am not telling you to give your intimacy away to every single joe-schmo but do open yourself up to those that genuinely value your beautiful essence. Your soul will know the truth.

Authenticity is a magical incarnate of truth. (click to tweet)

Often times I wonder how you can tell if someone is being heart-felt and original with their feelings. What are some signs that tell you a person is expressing truth from a place of genuine care and love ? Let us know in the comments.

For your pleasure, I took some pictures of my time away. Enjoy.

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