Pittsburgh: Delta Foundation launches Equal Magazine

Contributing to a new GLBTQIA magazine

by Bernard-Charles

Equal Magazine publication photo for Delta Foundation of PittsburghNew things find their way to us all the time. It could be from lost items, watching television commercials, to checking those Facebook updates even. The wave of social media and the spread of what’s happening now is bigger and faster. Unfortunately, the wheel of life takes a turn on everyone and too much new can be rather overwhelming, but I hope this blog post does not pose that sort of stress and negativity on you.

I am happy to officially announce to you, that I am contributing to a monthly magazine through the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh called Equal Magazine! Equality is something I believe should be a basis to keep people in check, but I like Victoria Bradley-Morris, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine believes

You are too special to be the same as everyone else.

We all as individuals work best as one cohesive energetic body and that to me is where we all fall equal to one another.

The most exciting aspect of this whole adventure is that I used the law of attraction to ask to write for a magazine and well… here we are. There is something more colorful about working for a publication on mission rather than a stale and gray newspaper. I’ve learned that a journalist’s mission is to tell a story and to report the news, but that cookie cutter mold is simply not me. Being jaded by life is not my cup of tea. I want to teach and guide people in such a way that improves their insight and intuition on the world. How I can do that is by writing for Equal. Because I feel that the publication has personality and voices of people are in fact heard. There are multiple contributors not just a couple and the quality of design is simple and neat; an easy read when you’re waiting for the next item on the To-Do list to be completed.

Okay, enough with the plugging, but I just have to say that I am enthusiastic to be interviewing individuals who are OUT in the workplace. The movement as ONE creates visibility and this magazine shows that it’s more than okay to be yourself. We all need to find our true selves and I want to help with that process.

If you are interested in subscribing to Equal Magazine or have further questions please visit Equal Magazine on Facebook

You can read  Equal Magazine online

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