Pittsburgh: Bluebird Kitchen is hipster

Bernard Eats: Salmon for breakfast

by Bernard-Charles

Bluebird Kitchen Pittsburgh PA Salmon pastrami photoThis morning I completed a nourishing task of having breakfast with a friend. It actually turned into two friends and that made me thoroughly excited. We ate at Bluebird Kitchen which is located just along market square in downtown Pittsburgh. I always wanted to check out this new place and to my enjoyment the atmosphere proved to be very artsy.

Not an artsy feel that was messy and abstract. But it was very Tumblr-esque and if you knew anything about Tumblr, then you would just know of the huge hipster following that lurks on the social network. This place resonates with that energy perfectly.

Bluebird Kitchen has giant menu chalkboards, an egg gray-blue color scheme that is soothing like Early Grey, and staff are in their trendy H&M styles. I was a bit smitten with the coolness of it all. I felt that sitting on the stools to wait for my food was like I was on the set of my talk show. (Cue the rays of morning sun to filter onto the scene).

Bluebird Kitchen was founded on the notion that food on the go should be both delicious and exciting. We strive to bring you innovative, fresh cuisine as well as the highest quality beverages from Counter Culture Coffee and Rishi Tea. Serving breakfast, lunch and a selection of desserts, we make everything by hand, every day, taking our cue from the seasons and inspiration. We source our ingredients locally from farms and other purveyors as often as possible; organic when we can, but no matter the origin, it’s always the best available.

For breakfast I had the Pastrami Cured Salmon on ciabatta. The creme cheese and sun dried tomatoes that are added just makes it sweet and decadent. I was texting my mom to tell her about my fancy breakfast and she had asked if the salmon was raw. I told her it was and she sent me a video of her saying eww repeatedly. Guess the mother doesn’t like raw salmon. My friend got the Fritatta and explained that it wasn’t anything she had expected. The additional awesome friend of mine actually went someone else for breakfast as she missed the allotted time to order breakfast. There is an awkward half hour between breakfast and lunch at Bluebird so don’t arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 expecting to get some eggs.

The quaint bakery/cafe is opened Monday thru Friday 7 am – 3 pm.

I am pleased to have expanded my taste today and look forward to more adventurous places in my travels. Bluebird Kitchen feels different then a country diner and is just right for that Pittsburgh city air.

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