Picking a school and a career

Ellen inspires me everyday

by Bernard-Charles

To grad-school or not? Ivy league or community college? Questions swarm the everyday student and it’s a huge task at hand because it is believed by many to determine the future. Our value is integrated in grades, education and money but what we often forget is how to properly weave all aspects of our life.

Inspiration is often dismissed nonchalantly by every day people and we often make the wrong choices and need to spend more of our time, worth and energy to fix those mistakes. Look at how many students transfer schools, change classes and their major. Some have no idea what they want to do because of all the offered choices. I am here to relieve some of that blurry vision with my own story.

I like many students had no idea what I specifically wanted to do with my life. I broke down in front of adults that kept encouraging me to make a choice. This was constant until one adult figure in my life helped me to see my own light. She lives in California with her beloved wife and dogs.

Ellen DeGeneres is my inspiration because of her dynamic personality and thoughtful tendencies to help people. As I watched her talk show, I had the epiphany that I could be a television talk show host too! It was life changing and profound. An intuitive knowing poured over me as I set out on a journey to be America’s Future Talk Show Host. Being exactly like Ellen, isn’t my point or mission, but offering people the way to see their own light and learn from their story is my purpose.

Yes, you may not know what to do, but you should have at least one person that motivates and inspires you. Taking this energy you can plot a point on your heroic map to set out for a quest of self-discovery. Taking a chance means you care and once you have the gusto to move forward you can execute your vision physically with a vision board. Cutting and pasting images and words that resonate with the real you helps remind you everyday that you’re on this journey and I encourage you to place a picture of your idol on it to be a guiding spirit through it all like I have.

Change takes natural time so the best way to feel out picking the right school or career is to be open to synchronicity and following that helpful intuition of yours.

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