PARK(ing) Day Pittsburgh wants participants

City parking spots are transformed for a purpose

by Bernard-Charles

Join other people for National PARK(ing) Day! on Friday, September 21, 2012.

Move away cars and trucks and bring in the lawn chairs and grass because coming this September 21, 2012 is a creative way to appreciate the natural Earth around us called National PARK(ing) Day!

PARK(ing) Day was created in 2005 by a group called Rebar based in San Francisco, and the organization is now active in Pittsburgh.

PARK(ing) Day Pittsburgh, is a one day event where parking spots are transformed into temporary public spaces open to everyone. Last year’s event had over almost 30 parks in Pittsburgh! And why not jump in on the fun to create an awesome positive space?

Wanna PARK it?

This is your chance to get Pittsburghers thinking about how important public spaces are and how parks improve our communities. These park installations aim to transform urban environments designed for vehicle use into a communal space for public use.

PARK(ing) spaces come in all sizes and styles.
  • Art installation
  • Interactive demonstration
  • Place to sit
  • Showcase for urban farming and gardening.

A park bench, tree and grass works too! There are countless imaginative ways to transform a metered parking space.

Personally, I am really interested in doing this project to help bring more awareness of creating a positive space and applying how parks can help accomplish this message. I love working with a team so if you already plan on PARK(ing) please tell me that way I can help out! So, if you are in the Pittsburgh community and would like to work together email me at
WATCH: PARK(ing) Day in action
To learn more about PARK(ing) Day in Pittsburgh, visit ParkingDayPGH on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @PARKingDayPGH.

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