Paravati Wisdom The Blessing Behind Your Crisis and Discomfort

Paravati is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children, and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power. And behind the walls of rejection and corruption, there’s hope.

I’m no stranger to being uprooted and feeling misery’s company. Going from homeless to safety was wisdom born from pain. As the Imbolc energy offers me solace and warmth from the physical and metaphysical polar vortex, I’m praying to Paravati to strengthen my own power and devotion to love, light, and color.

After filming another Virtue video.

I sat with the color energy and ascended master messages more. It pushed me past the procrastination and perfectionism often projected on me and from me. It guided my intuition beyond the imposter complex and shallow surfaces of what religion, politics and media quench in the short term. I found myself deep in discomfort.

Like Hercules swimming in a sea of lost souls or Dumbledore drinking a corrupted elixir to destroy one of the Horcruxes, I realized that in order for light to be light, it must confront the darkness. Face it with valor and conviction. So although all the chaos is confusing and we’re saturated with vitriol from all corners, the one ultimate truth that we devote ourselves to is the freedom to feel.

paravati hindu color therpy gratitude emotional freedom tehnique

This doesn’t excuse bigotry, racism or abuse. It doesn’t gloss over mass murders, war, or famine. We don’t get to use religion to demean others and we surely don’t get the right to march with tiki torches to create fear.

In the deepest regions of my emotions, I found gratitude. I’m grateful that darkness, fear, and conspiracy gives us the opportunity to choose again. Paravati in Hindu belief is the recreative energy and power of Shiva, and she’s the bonding force that CONNECTS ALL BEINGS and a means of their spiritual release. Right now in your discomfort, grief, and pain is a seed of light. You can reframe your understanding of your problems with a willingness to want solutions, new visions, and more joy.

I acknowledge our medical advances, technology wins, and progress as a people. Science is sexy. And humans are cute in the eyes of elephants.

Together we are one. We’re connected.

No matter the age or experience we must hold each other accountable. Not through shame or conjecture, but through empathy and compassion. Gestures of gratitude come to mind as we process the contractions and pain in our life. This birthing process is happening energetically and we can choose to rest in a comfort zone of disbelief, illusion, and fear. Or we can take this time now to learn something new, explore foreign places, and devote ourselves to building a better legacy that legions of lightworkers in the future will respect.

Truth is.

All the shallow, one-word responses, entertaining sound bites have short-circuited our connection with each other. We must take the time and resources to care. Attempting to shut out ideas and vandalize morals is exactly what the real evil wants. It’s almost as if we’re tested in this realm to perform. A la Matrix. There’s so much to explore in this Universe, it’s wild to believe that nothing matters at all. What is our purpose, often is a simple one.

To love and be loved.

Paravati brings a positive change. The ugly upheaval is being exposed so we can eradicate it. It’s just like an invasive entity the immune system doesn’t recognize so out goes the cells to handle the situation. But more information is needed. More evidence. More knowledge and understanding. More studies. More research. Brene Brown didn’t become Brene Empathy Brown sitting back as a bystander. She became a voice to millions in how they feel about shame and cultured fear because she collected data, supporting evidence and gave a damn about the direction of our collective human existance.

Something is birthing within you and around you. Use Deep and Grateful colors from Change Your Mood Oracle to reform your opinions to feel inclusive (not divisive) and reprogram your energy field using cypress, palo santo, sandalwood, and frankincense essential oils.

Add More Color Energy to Your Life and Work

Not only is color introspective, but it’s also proactive. So here are a variety of color therapy tools to support you before, during and after crisis and trauma. Disclosure: Hope you love the products! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.


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