Pagan 4-day photo challenge unveils hidden Goddess energy

With a flash of light and a ready pose, the Inner Goddess Revolution strikes dozens from around the world. Reports of recruitment have been steady all week but today the group of Goddess believers have taken over social media sites by hashtag (#innergoddessrevolution) and photo.

Now until Monday, September 23, 2013 we will be exposed to Goddess energy that unleashes another side to the divine. Each day a new Goddess-inspired pose is distributed to pagans, witches and spiritualists via email and by an undisclosed Facebook group that protects comfort zones. Members simply take a confident “selfie” photograph reflecting the targeted Goddess.

Today is the first day of the Strike a Goddess Pose challenge and it’s believed to be the early stages of unveiling a weapon of mass instruction – rumored to be a book about connecting with your inner Goddess.

It has been confirmed that revolution leader, Lyn Thurman is working relentlessly to uncover what is inside all of us and revealing it to be Goddess-related. You need to act quickly, will you be taking part in this 4-day photo challenge to connect with your feminine side or will you ignore the revolution?

inner goddess revolution photo challenge

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