Overcoming my fear of pink

So, I am a guy and it’s pretty clear I should not be wearing pink, right?

My whole life I was told what I should do and shouldn’t do.

The men in my life since a young age have always been controlling, empty of empathy and a bunch of liars. So my openness to masculine energy is really skewed, but I’ve managed to rally female support here and there in favor of my uniqueness.

Growing up in Northeast Pennsylvania, it’s just socially unacceptable for a guy to embrace his womanhood or any shape or form of feminine awesomeness. This is universal I bet and rather detrimental to fully understanding empathy and compassion of course.

Guys roll tough and mighty here so there’s no room for loving the color pink and I learned that early on. However my life put me through a myriad of hoops and obstacles to realize that the color pink is not something to fear.

I know women that are turned off by rose quartz and the color pink. They are a bit shadowy or masculine in their own right so it’s not a surprise to me when I read their energy through color, but it amazes me how many people are actually fearful of this bubblegum lip luscious color. Pink doesn’t always have to be understood by “It’s a girl” reference or attributed to women-only camouflage, in my studies the color circulates within the heart chakra which is a spinning wheel dedicated to the ideas and impressions of love and compassion.

Well, I mentioned in a previous post about how I would find my hand in a “body-love” state when I woke up, well the growth of my heart chakra continues because I expanded my connection to the power of pink by declaring it as my color intention for the month and this sometimes coral hue is used to mend remaining heart issues that I might have associated with my heart chakra.

Since listening to others tell their stories with pink, I am finding out that some people are calibrated to appreciate pink because of their motivation to stay consistent and true to their female energy form. For others, pink is an extension of their sisterhood and gives them a sense of communal identity. Yet similar to my intentions, some folks are prone to enjoy pink because the color simply matches their soul.

Pink energy made it’s first appearance in my wardrobe while I attended boarding school about 7 years ago. Students had a choice in choosing colorful articles of clothing which I used as a powerful tool in advancing my spirituality. I chose a pink tie that I wore to chapel every Sunday. It was nurturing and merciful to me and reminded me that boys can wear pink. I received great compliments on it because I wore it proudly and it attracted a collective energy informing me that it somehow matched my personality.

The second piece of pink pride in my closet was my FCKH8 shirt. I purchased this after I interned in Boston for The Theater Offensive. I still wear this shirt when pink comes up for my daily color readings or when I know people need a reminder to stop hating and start loving. When Pennsylvania passed state-wide gay (happy as I like to put it) marriage, the shirt radiated with energy that day and I am a bit curious what my aura looks like in this picture. I still get all these feels just thinking about it!

Wearing my identity on my body has been empowering for years and acts like an extension of self-love.

However, I still felt I wasn’t being true to the greatest power of pink.

More recently, I got this multicolored infinity scarf from a dear friend and decided to wear it publicly on my head last week while I did some errands. Dressing my crown with pink (technically magenta) energy was enthralling. I felt clarity and love for my body and it motivated me to flaunt my essence quite proudly.

Pink has become my warrior paint.

My posture straightened and I moved briskly in public. Representing pink on my male body outside of a secure and safe environment was a true test to how pink made me feel and others. I am pretty good at reading people’s facial expressions and quickly picked up on if their smile was genuine or not. Well the looks were there, but I projected energy of “You can’t touch this…”

The lack of fear I had for my scarf enabled me to saunter boldly + courageously. This town needs more culture and light and I am going to radiate the best dang light ever and I have to give some kudos to Goddess Durga because she is empowering me even further to cut away my fear with pink.

So without a supportive school to scold potential harassment or the safety of my backyard to protect me when I wore my “Dudes Marry Dudes” shirt, wearing a pink scarf was an inspiring step along my soul path because it involved risk. I stepped outside of my comfort zone to announce to the world that I no longer was fearful of the color pink .

No longer afraid to be me.



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