Overcoming frothy new age syndrome with intense color therapy


My vanilla latte spoke more words to me than all those self-help books that lay unread on my shelf. I’ve become intoxicated with new age syndrome.

The run around to hop from solopreneur to solopreneur and mainstream spiritual elitists really piss me off.

I am exhausted and tired of comparing my self-worth against another’s success or value. Hence the strategic reason why I left many Facebook groups and just been blogging and emailing. I can write as much as I want on my blog or email without a stupid social media algorithm preventing my honesty from shining or feeling like I am in a tournament of who can be more spiritual.

Of course I am harsher on myself because I strive to live up to what I commit myself in doing. I care, I really do. Pretty much I am the Paris Geller of my inner Stars Hallow. My abruptness and attitude people don’t like. I can cut ties faster than it took in making them. However, I see so many struggle with establishing boundaries and simply saying “no” when it calls for it. I believe it’s so hard because they have a version of new age syndrome making them vulnerable push overs.

Here’s how to tell if you have it: Are you falling into new age syndrome?

Quick band-aid remedies don’t work.

Yet immediate gratification is of course something that we crave and I bought so many things in the last year that is a fine example of how addicting the New Age movement can be. Books, CDs, crystals, tarot cards and online programming – the list can go on and on into infinity and everyone is ripping everyone else off. This capitalizing conundrum I believe makes it harder to prove why I am different from other attraction hippies, spirit junkies or new age coaches.

I ignore how beautiful I am. I have fleeting moments of wobbling back and forth with honoring who I am inside.

Of course I am light and entertaining but I am afraid that I don’t have substance, I fear I am not beautiful.

Boys aren’t beautiful. They are suppose to be handsome. 🙁

I am frothy.

This makes me sad and fearful that I’ve allowed myself to live up to fear-based projections for so long that stem from social and genetic conditioning. By working with color though, I am realizing my beautiful bits.

Upgrading from a frothy vanilla latte to a spiced chai tea takes time and commitment. Some colors that helped me so far in overcoming my new age syndrome are magenta (for a deep sassy reality check), gold (for living abundantly boundless), white (for letting go) and dark brown (for deep groundedness while in solitude). I worked with tiger’s eye, stilbite, smokey quartz and turquoise crystals also for the past few weeks while I deal with my personal reawakening.

So far I am drumming to my own beat and not feeling overly attached to superfluous connections that have no real purpose in my reality. If you are curious about how not new the “new age” movement is then read all about it on Humans are weird.

Until next time real love, real light and real color 


P.S. I would be super excited to read your color energy to see where you are in your own evolving movement. With or without froth?


  1. Well, if you can read my colors that would be much appreciated!

    Interesting post. I like it, actually. I try not to buy into this “fluffy bunny, everyone must view the world through rose colored glasses at all times” type of new age “awareness”. Sure, I believe in the positive and that you get what you give, but sometimes, it’s just not possible to keep those glasses on or that bunny fluffy.

    Color on!

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