Oracle-X card deck bridges left and right brain thinking

The intuitive tool of the future

by Bernard-Charles

oracle x tarot cards photoOracle-X: The Intuitive Tool of the Future  is the newest oracle deck in my tarot card collection and the only one that I can expand and personalize over time. The creator, David Croft, allows users to purchase additional cards online that best fits their left and right brain operations. He recently released the news of 22 new cards in production mentioned on his exclusive Oracle-X Facebook group.

Within these cards are some very useful cards that allow owners with extended decks to drill deeper into their intuition and be able to bring [out] ‘aspects’ a little easier.

Cards like hummingbird, jelly, and tightrope are just a few of the new arrivals. I haven’t yet purchased individual cards online, but might need to once my post-graduate life begins to change course and jelly just sounds deliciously gooey.

My first steps with Oracle-X

David contacted me at the end of last year about his unique 36 card deck because he saw my color card readings on YouTube and thought this deck would speak to me. Afterall, I am America’s Future Talk Show Host so the deck and me do have something in common already…we care about the future! David and I exchanged messages back and forth and agreed that I would “play” with the cards, create a blog post and videotape a testimony. In return, I would be compensated for my work. (I was by the way.)

It took months to adapt to the cards with my travel schedule and oh so fancy adventure with miracles, but lastly I have completed all aspects of our agreement and I invite you to check out my first video testimonial on Oracle-X: The Intuitive Tool of the Future.


  • Activate your left and right side of the brain to get more meaning and validate the strengths behind those meanings. 
  • Your deck is guaranteed to be 100% yours, no deck is the same. 
  • Purchase more cards online to make your deck more unique.
  • Join a collaborative community of other card readers and users. 
  • Availability of cards and suggestions are expanding.
  • Many card spreads available online for: General, Money, Career, Pets, People, and more!


  • It takes practice and patience to understand The Grid and Color system. 
  • Reading becomes complex if you choose to read both keyword meanings and The Grid & Color system. 
  • Base location is in the United Kingdom so conversion rates for shoppers outside of the UK is a concern. 

Grab your unique 36-card deck today

oracle x tarot cards photo
How would you read these cards together? Leave a comment below.
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9 thoughts on “Oracle-X card deck bridges left and right brain thinking

  1. Love your video, Bernard. I can’t believe you put the UK as a con – don’t you know all the good stuff comes from there 😉 Seriously though… you were great. And as for the cards – fly the nest, make a commitment, and head for the dizzy lights of the city.

    1. The UK itself is far from being a con. I was just thinking someone out there will complain that it’s not “American.” Thank you for your delightful comment heehee. Your take on the cards is spot on. ;D

      1. Opps, I forgot to give my interpretation upon the three cards displayed above. Since you choose these, then I shall base my interpretation upon yourself.

        First Card – This represents an element from your past but that which also leads you forward.

        The ‘Nest’ card represents the need for security, you have already proven to yourself that you have the skills to leave the security of a nest to set up another elsewhere. Home to you is important, but you have the ability to set up home almost anywhere (subject to its vibration). Each nest needs to include an area which is ‘your space’ although not necessarily a whole room. I also feel that you that you would not just let ‘anyone’ into your nest in order to protect your energetic space.

        I see several nests ahead of you, so this would indicate that multiple re-locations are on the horizon. Of course everything is within the remit of your own free will, so you have the option to remain in one place at any point.

        Second Card – This represents your current situation or concerns.

        The ‘Partnership’ card represents your current concerns around your relationship. You already intuitively know the answers here, but suffice to say that mastery of the ‘work-life’ balance is not always easy. It is by working together on all levels that far more can be accomplished for both parties in a relationship.

        Love is the strongest force in the universe and can be accessed unconditionally by all.

        Third Card – This represents your dreams and ambitions.

        The ‘Crowd’ card represents your goal of being a talk show host, with live audiences, and also becoming a recognised face. With this I also see both West and East coasts, suggesting to me that your first opportunity will begin on one [US] coast, and this will lead to a bigger and more suitable opportunity on the opposite coast. This is also an early warning to develop good psychic protection techniques, as you are liable to get ‘drained’ within the hum-drum of large crowds.

        Finally, I see an Irish connection becoming important in the future, but here patience is required as this ‘link’ will only take place once some hurdles have been successfully overcome.

  2. A great video by Bernard, and I thought it is probably worth sharing a couple of thoughts on the ‘cons’ above.

    The Oracle-X website is UK based, however clicking on the currency (above the price) will allow options for Euro or US Dollars if required. Free shipping is offered for purchases above £5 (UK), $20 (US, or €18 (Eurozone).

    The Grid/Rune/Color system suits logical ‘right brained’ types, the majority of ‘left brained’ types do not use this facility….. it is entirely optional.

    Importantly, Oracle-X is a non-prescriptive deck giving Oracle-X readers the freedom to use their unique deck in whatever way suits their personal needs.

    1. Awesome notes! Thank you for clarifying anything that I missed. 😀

  3. Wow! Great review and now I’m even more curious about these cards! I may have to purchase a Fiverr reading!!

    1. Thank you! At this time, I am not providing any Oracle-X gigs on Fiverr, but if you are interested in this as a gig, please message me on

  4. Oh wow! These sound amazing!

    Using a Past, Present, Future basis for those cards I would say;

    In the past you’ve worked hard to build your foundations and lay down the ground work for what you want in life. A plan for the future has been made including settling down and creating a life for yourself. Right now this plan is coming into manifestation as you may be enjoying the deeper connection with those around you especially a significant other whom you are deeply connected to. Engagement, marriage, and commitment are buzz words for this. In the future you may find your circle expanding with more people who align with you come into your experience. However be aware of being over-crowded especially by more dominant/controlling characters who may only want the best for you but require a little help in stepping back from dominating you and your life.

    Dawn xx

    1. Dawn, this is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I think you hit very good points with these cards, do you have any fancy knowledge on the colors that are indicated below? 🙂

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