On Intuition

By Carolina Gonzalez

When Bernard offered the chance to us Spiritual Bloggers to write about intuition, I have to admit I had conflicting emotions about what to write – in my experience of 24 years of being around Tarot Readers, Psychics and Pagans from all paths, intuition is one of the most misused words I have ever heard.

Many, many times, when people say “I am an intuitive ________ (insert title here)”, what they are really saying is “I have no formal training, and I have no intention of doing the required studies or participate in the required traditions to acquire the knowledge needed for this task, so I’ll just invent my ways as I go”. Before statements like this, one can only sigh and shut up, and mark off that person from the list of Practitioners You Can Trust And Recommend.

Intuition is not invention. Intuition does not give anyone titles. Intuition is not claiming to be something you have absolutely no idea of, and that you refuse to take the time to learn. Intuition is a very powerful Magical and Spiritual tool, maybe the most powerful of all – and as all Sacred tools, there are many requirements to reach it, and a very long time is needed to hone it, polish it, and put it at your service, and/or at the service of others. And as with anything Sacred, there is an inherent risk in this process; just as in the process of Shamanic initiation, if your own limits are not tested, nothing will come out of it.

I can say that a strong, tested, trained Intuition is something very, very powerful

To make this concept easier to understand, I like to see intuition as a muscle. We are ALL born with a natural intuition and the ability to experience the Supernatural, just as we are born with working muscles. The muscle of intuition is trained with practise, exercise and lots of sacrifice – just as an athlete does with his/her physical body. Do you know of any “intuitive” professional athletes? To believe that someone with no training can be a Tarot Reader, a Psychic, a Medium or any kind of Spiritual Worker, is exactly the same than believing a baby can win a marathon because he/she is born with muscles.

If I am so opinionated in this matter, it is because, more times than what you could imagine, I am the one that people go to after being seriously scammed, threatened, and seriously hurt, by alleged Intuitives. Although many practitioners choose to evade or ignore the uglier side of the profession, I work with too many of these victims to pretend nothing is happening, and that we are just a bunch of enlightened people sharing happy posts about Intuition.

I wanted my contribution to this beautiful event to speak the truth about the darker side of the concept this community has of what intuition is, so everyone who is looking for a Psychic/Reader/Spiritual Worker makes wise and informed decisions, and avoids these criminals (because there’s no better word to name them) as much as possible. Sometimes, behind the most charming smile and the holiest looks, behind the fairy wings and the white candles, monsters hide.

And why did I choose such a controversial topic? Because I can say that a strong, tested, trained Intuition is something very, very powerful, and the healing that can bring – to the true Intuitive and to the people this person can help – is something completely real, and transformational to a point beyond any miracle. Because I believe in Intuition being the Tool that our Creator uses to show his/her/its its Power and Divine Presence in this world. Because an empowered Intuition can heal you, enlighten you, and change your life forever.

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Photo Carolina GonzalezCarolina Gonzalez is the chief Spiritist at the Camino De Yara Portal, a small online + off-line Spiritist group, as well as a well known blogger and artisan on the Internet Pagan community. Along with her husband, a Medium and artisan, she offers Spiritual services and selected supplies devoted to the worship of the Tres Potencias, a form of Afro-Latin Spiritism originated in Venezuela, a country that has been tied to her own ancestry for many generations. She is also a guest author at Pagan Square’s blog and of Soul Path Magazine, and has been interviewed at over 40 websites and magazines over the past 10 years.

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