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Bernard’s Hire Me Ellen plea

by Bernard-Charles

hire me ellen photoWe all learn great skills along our soul path and this particular project of creating a blog trailer marks a new milestone in creating my dream into reality. It took about two months to plan until I could finally share the awesomeness created by Trish Smith from Designs by Warpedtrish.

The animation sizzle reveals my true inspiration for becoming a television talk show host and what I bring to the table. I hope that my genuine pursuit of sharing stories and expressing the purest form of love would be enough to break through the ice. The intent for the video is to have Ellen to most definitely see everything that I have done and still doing to become America’s Future Talk Show Host.

Constant networking and social media posts are the bulk of my success, but what keeps me going is being a witness to people successfully achieving their goals. If it means that I had a small dose in supporting their efforts in reaching the finish line then so be it. It takes a village to raise a child and that’s how I see great change happening for the highest good.

Wanted: Campaign Elves

Overposting on Facebook and Twitter is not a recommended action as this may alter your social media access and influence. You might be banned for days because you like too much or share frequently. So if you wish to use social media to share this video then do it in moderation. Here is Ellen’s official Twitter and Facebook Page to share the video.

If you wanted a more valid approach to getting Ellen to watch the video then please check out this document. Find the image to download here to submit on the show’s website.

If you work for Ellen or know anyone that can help out, then certainly share my conquest with them! Taking risks keeps me persistent and steady in winning this race. Hence, the reason why I am returning to LA later this month.

Getting viral isn’t the point

The core of my beliefs is to make positive change in the world. If you believe in this 100% then your heart will expand naturally to take action. I am not forcing anyone to share or like the content, but I strongly believe that my voice isn’t loud enough by myself among all these YouTube personas and singers. So many people want to be famous yadda yadda yadda. Bernard just wants his children not have to deal with the same bullshit bullying and dumbness that plagues the world. We need to clean up this planet so we can live longer and stronger. (Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual action needs to be taken.)

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6 thoughts on “Official blog trailer that makes a difference

  1. I hope to make it on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I want to show her how she inspired me to write and just be free!!!

    1. Visions are amazing! Voices will be heard! 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

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