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by Bernard-Charles

Social Media Knowledge photoCan you say headache!? The decision to create a new facebook page and twitter account for this show-blog was not an easy task to swallow, but as a requirement for my multimedia class in light of a the blog-series, I am left to looking at the positive side — more direction.

My original Facebook page called America’s Future Talk Show Host was all about me…me…and me. And this blog definitely falls under that category, but there is something unique about keeping an organization separate from the leader of it all. I’ve seen TMZ and the Huffington Post do this with its social media accounts. There is a main company account and the leaders of those brands have their own on the side because well lets face it; the company can evolve and that person might not be working for that business anymore, so it is definitely wise to keep the person and the company separate for the number of likes and follows won’t change or confuse people.However, a transition of change is always a tad bit confusing.

Managing all these accounts plus additional accounts like my new website, My Inspiration Network will be tedious and I will need solid direction with what will be published to such accounts and for how often. The social media pages for The Bernard Charles Show are centered solely on the blog itself and the articles posted here. My professional developments as America’s Future Talk Show Host will certainly continue to be posted here, but my Facebook page for the brand image will have shorter posts focused on who I meet, where I go, and offer quick information.

Too many passwords

Since I created everything and linked appropriately, I am left to adapting to how I can stand in one place and not have to worry about logging in and out of these accounts and so I am using HootSuite, a leading online social media management tool that helps by logging onto one site and having the ability to post to multiple accounts for free without the hassle of remembering too many passwords. So far I am enjoying the features: you can track hashtags and assess some quick analytics of your social media footprint on the world wide web.

Very cool and easy to understand.

I am keeping all these pages and testing to see how everything goes. I feel, when it comes to sharing information to you that you should follow and like the account that you feel is best for you. I don’t mean to add more to your newsfeeds, but this is for a class and there is a fair turnout about keeping the public figure and their business separate. I mean who knows, this show-blog just might take on more people in the future. 😉

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