Sagittarius is a fire sign. A fire sign that reminds us of our independent contribution to the human collective. But with all fire signs, learning to wield the flames of our passions and light can burn things – unintentionally. Fires catch. And the population is waking up starving to feel natural in their own skin, stories, and strengths. And one black girl in a secondary supporting role on a Netflix show is satisfying no one. Shallow identity politics and corporate echo chambers are crumbling. I never want my audience to look like me. Nor my future husband.

The issue with the New Moon in Sagittarius right now in our evolution as a human race is that if you’re not poised with your perceptions, you’ll be shooting arrows at innocent people. And this is where I find myself. Caught in the crossfires of racial wars, white supremacy and having to provide supporting evidence as to why my skin color does not define my self-worth as a human being. If you validate fear or the system that oppresses you than you give it more of your power. It’s like because I come from poverty, I still have this programming to live like I’m poor and it’s taking everything I am to break out of that poverty consciousness and remind myself to live truthful to my light not live according to fear and inside the comfort of silence.

When racism takes place, staying quiet isn’t protest. Your thoughts might be shaking its head at what white supremacy is saying and doing, but you zipping the lip, sticking to yourself and minding your own business isn’t serving the light. It’s keeping this poison alive. Thus perpetuating darkness. Your complacency is corrupting compassion.

New moons are for setting crystal clear intentions. And it’s my intention to change the mood of skin supremacy.

If you been following my journey, you’ll know I have a sweet tooth for anthropology, sociology, psychology, and multiculturism. Humans, believe it or not, fascinate me because I am one. I know color is a core desire of mine and that means double scoops of diversity and inclusion. Vanilla bores me unless I add caramel and sprinkles. Dating has been harder for me because there’s this weird assumption that you can only date or Instagram-couple it up if you look alike and are interested in the same things. I’m talking practically twin status on every level. And that’s not me. Your soul mate doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of your culture. You don’t even have to have one soul mate either. When you’re on my level of empathy and magic, the world’s flavors break open your chakras and you see past the marketing and politics. You begin living according to love and not fear. I expect love and light to mean everyone – not a select privileged few graced by industry illuminatis and imprints. Whitewashing the picket fence of a person’s expression makes me vomit.

This Aries grew up fighting. I grew up hearing my paternal family spit hateful slurs at strangers and laugh about it later over hot dogs. They snubbed my maternal family for speaking out against their rabid racism. My mother reaffirmed to me that skin color doesn’t make a person better or worse. In my own words, assholes and gems come in every color.

I’m not an expert on your life. I don’t pretend to know who anyone is that comes on my doorstep of divination. I simply, show up. This is how Sagittarius energy and all the fire signs in the zodiac operate. You can’t judge or assume anything about anyone because you don’t know the full spectrum of color that fills in the lines, scars, and cavities of their humanity. Simply, we don’t know their story unless we listen. Open space for that human soul to guide us through their breakdowns and breakthroughs. Being human is both beautiful and beastly.

We make things. Break things. Discover things.

Bully things. Eat things. Keep things.

Humanity’s horizons are expanding. The growing pains we’re witnessing and experiencing are adding to our awareness and helping us redefine what it means to love and be loved. This new moon in Sagittarius is about offering you and others more space. Not to be silent, but to be seen and heard. The target we’re all aiming for is visibility. If you been feeling invisible, unseen, tied down, this new moon is for you. Sagittarius represents the centaur which is both human and beast. If you’re familiar with my original 108 color card deck, you’ll find Shea in there. This color’s message is beauty or beast. Ultimately it’s a color that connected with me while I was living in a community of all skin colors. Cocoa butter, shea butter, taking care of that beautiful skin was always the direction of the color card. It’s in Change Your Mood Oracle where I get clear on feeling the power of your own skin through the color card, Natural.

Your skin is worthy. Your body is beautiful. It’s a lot to believe in when there are shallow superficial industries that force feed us heteronormativity, white supremacy, and christianity. I get it. But there are others that don’t have this aptitude which is the point of lightworkers of every race, religion, and region to stop placing power in fear and choose love. Which isn’t bypassing the brutality of someone’s ego. Sagittarius energy tells us to stop watching and start doing. If we see something, say something. Speak up. Loud and proud. I have been on this planet long enough to know that people are too afraid to speak their truth. They fear rejection and abandonment. Even if something changes because you spoke up, asked questions, or colored outside the lines, at least you’re living with integrity. This new moon gives us space to either focus on the problem by overidentification stagnating in our own fears or figure out a forward solution that’s proactive. There’s a shadowy tendency to seethe in the righteous indignation we feel about how we as a people are mistreated and abused by power. Forgetting that we are the ones in power – daily. We not only vote through the electoral process, but we also vote through money, showing up and calling a spade a spade even if it ruffles your radical right-wing Uncle’s feathers at the holiday feast.

The light of love is the most stubborn finger you can flip off at the face of a fucked up system that mistreats humans.

Self-empowerment means you’re able to detach from the shallow superficial poison of Scorpio and evolve into an archer with awareness of choosing where you shoot your arrow. A la Hunger Games. Speaking your truth requires you to break the silence of ignorance. Equal representation of every color and culture in our politics, on our TV screens, and in our daily lives isn’t a would like to have – it’s a poignant Sagittarian demand activating freedom and the obvious truth that there is a whole wide world available to love and be loved by in return.

In the words of Alisha Wormsley, There Are Black People In The Future 

So this new moon, I’m sticking to my truth in knowing I’m here to embrace deeply and completely the spectrum of skin supremacy as self-empowerment beyond the flesh. I know the soul is multicultural and the human emotion is a gift and curse worth curing. I want more non-white faces in power, print and protected in the coming year. I want children to step into their expression of love with less adult ignorance. I see a future of more compassion and less corruption. I see solutions. I want to unmute the mood of silent protests among white people that don’t believe racism is any of their business. I want poverty gone. I want peace to pamper every skin color now and hereafter.


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