Netflix inspires goal setting for Point Park student

by Bernard-Charles

It was a lovely weekend to just be lazy. But I did have some minor homework to consider like memorizing a monologue, but I simply was in the mood to soak up inspiration rather than make any moves.

I watched a good portion of Netflix to pass the time. Films included: From Prada to Nada (2011), Waiting Forever (2010), Helvetica (2007), The Answer Man (2009), A Month by the Lake (1995), and Making the Boys (2009).

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Making the Boys was probably the most heartfelt film that I watched this past weekend because it talks about a perspective of gay culture that I have been expressing for a while. Today’s gay children do not take much gratitude in the events that lead to today’s freedom of expression. For example, The Stonewall Riots in 1969 and the influence of The Boys in the Band. It’s sad that not enough people seem to show interest in the liberation movement. Those that do, I respect. As a result of the film it sparked an inclination to revive an interest in supporting the movement. How can I help with the solidarity? Well, I am writing this blog post to start.

The understanding of play-writing and the little history recap of the gay rights movement did motivate me to contemplate on what I should be doing to progress as America’s Future Talk Show Host. Ellen DeGeneres has been an inspiration to plant the seed in my mind, but the ground is so tough to plow that I am having an arduous workout trying to get my name out there, impressing people to rely on my abilities, and learning the ropes of journalism and media as a whole.

I have come to a conclusion that trying to understand how media and social media works today is good, but I cannot strive on that alone. I need real world insight. How do I do this? Well it first comes to writing down my affirmations and goals for this career.

Being realistic with oneself is a task in itself, but is absolutely needed. Especially with a career goal that I have. “Being famous” may come across as the ultimate goal of my dream, but  I am telling you that it is so much more for me. I want to achieve this dream for my family. I just use fame as an umbrella term to capture the energy of my dream.  I grew up poor and I’d like to step far away from that because I know I can. I have the freedom to do so, but for those who cannot, I’d like to use my resources to help them. As well as aspire to be a walking representative of the low-income families that did not meet the karmic levels to proceed with their hopes and dreams.

Philanthropy is something I learned by attending the Milton Hershey School.

Another theme in my aspiration is to teach. I always admired teachers and their ways to communicate ideas and opinions so fluidly. Those are the people that should be the ones idolized. They are indeed the wise folk in the tribes, yet have fallen short in the modern society. Their competitors are the media and celebrities. It would be nice to be able to offer knowledge and teach people values.

In all of this, I guess I have soaked up different concrete things that I would like to accomplish during my life. A bucket list if you will for this future talk show host.

  1. Write a book
  2. Talk to already established hosts and shows
  3. Act in movies/commercials 
  4. Speak at schools
  5. Guest appearances
  6. Community Service: Paint a building wall
  7. Host award shows
  8. Continue blog writing
  9. Invest in the Illuminati (haha)
  10. YouTube Show

These all are bricks completing my castle in the air.

So I have currently used social media to spread the word about my quest and am sitting until someone can show enough belief in me to  help me out. Allies are probably the most important tool to have in your dream satchel. They are people who can share compassion and strength for you and your visions. Picking these people wisely and nurturing the seeds that you both plant for each other is essential to success.

I made this photo to resemble the changes that are coming with each new spring.

I have marvelous mentors in my life to help guide me in the direction of my dream. But I will be graduating very soon. Potentially next semester, so I am starting to feel the pressure of needing a job lined up upon graduation. I feel like my work ethic and devotion to my dream should surely prove my competence for any establishment but I cannot simply rely on that alone.

If my allies could seek out ways they can help me would be helpful and appreciated. I am not someone to come out face-to-face to talk about these concerns, because I am humble and respectful. I don’t want to come across as taking advantage of my elders. I will let divine timing take its course and let my allies know that  I am seeking out assistance and wisdom from them with this post . I am certainly not going to let anyone’s help slip away unnoticed.

I just want to encourage you and others to have a little faith in people.

My Netflix viewing was much more than filling my time with entertainment this past weekend. It allowed me to strengthen my insight on my life and decide what I can do to make my dream a step closer to completed.


  1. Fame is only one side of the nedaille. If you want to go that path, you better prepaire yourself for the dark side of the medaille too.

    Believe in yourself and stick with your goals!


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