I’ve struggled with putting myself out there in the world. I think about all those haters and jealous people that love to criticize my humanity or poke at my flaws in the comments. I grew up with bullies brainwashing my brilliance. I know what it feels like to think you’re insecure and worthless.

Letting other people’s fears get inside your head – sucks.

Before dumping the imposter complex, I used to get really nervous putting myself out there. It wasn’t until color therapy that I began to change the way I felt about myself and my own worth in the Universe. Color is a versatile psychological tool to make you feel less nervous about being your best self.

I share the exact colors that helped me to transform my struggles into success on this inspiration podcast interview.

Jess is a great soul. I met her at a full moon gathering she was hosting on the beach down here in South Florida. It was a powerful party. Here’s another full moon photo by the photographer 📷 Joseph R. Steiner.

South florida color therapy holistic healer the color mage oracle

Of course, I’m in a different space and place in my life. I’m no longer the 14-year-old being kicked out of the house. Or the boy questioning his love for the color pink. I’m honestly proud to put myself out there in the world now. I’m happy to put my heart and soul on the edge of my comfort zone. I must grow beyond the shade and give my love generously to this planet without worry or fear. I’m grateful, color gives me that courage to feel safe, seen, and sexy.  The Color Mage Oracle is changing not only my life but other people from around the world. I have designers, artists, card readers, and coaches using the card deck to make their lives and careers great again.

If I chose to hang onto those fears, I wouldn’t be here. And the same goes for you. If you choose fear over love, you’re ultimately depriving this world to evolve. I see everyone as a mage using color to paint a brighter outcome. I’m so blessed, I’m so ready for everything that’s to come.

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