Naming your spiritual protector like a boss

A_male_elf_face2I am having so much fun with all of my ups and definitely feel this year’s horse energy as I ride off into the sun. Only problem with speed racing your spiritual center is lack of protection.

Sometimes we feel like the act of protecting ourselves means wearing a full suit of armor or envisioning a gigantic bazooka in hand. While I was growing up my favorite play-powers were fog, smoke and pure magical beam essence. All of which were alluring and won over my opponent in no time. However, life isn’t so catering to our fantasies.

There is always balance to keep us in check.

The balance I find though as I work even more directly with spirit is the ability to work alongside the energy of protection instead of hiding behind it. When we choose to mask our own self then the energy feels heavy and clunky. If we choose to be an ally to our spiritual protector then that’s when we set foot toward strength.

A spiritual protector can be an angel, thought-form or person in your life that you call upon to help kick evil’s ass. Last night, I meditated and discovered my protector and his name.

I did something new with my meditation. Instead of closing my eyes, I kept them open and got lost in my mind’s eye. Shadow and light fought long and hard before me. My skin began to prickle. I saw dark waves crash into my aura trying to knock me down. I continued to breath white light.

Odawnus, an elven war mage, steps into my perspective and the darkness ceased. Light flooded my room and submerged my neighborhood. I summoned a beam of light from my crown chakra to reach and reinforce Mother Earth’s natural protection. It all was surreal. Odawnus and I grew fonder of each other’s strengths and I am happy to know he is always by my side.

Experience the “warrior of light” meditation and tell me the name of your spiritual protector, firefly!


  1. Good timing! 😉 I love meditating with eyes open. 🙂 I had a few minutes to myself at work, so I did the meditation. Within the first few seconds Archangel Michael was beside me, and a yellow butterfly behind me. I just looked up animal-angel associations and apparently the insect associated with Michael is a golden butterfly! Very cool.

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