My symphony of homesickness

Lilith you have been good to me.

Reminding me of my darkest pleasures and tragedies of what it means to be human.

In the past 48 hours, I was home. Comforted by company and wisdom.

Intellect and passion.

Thoughts and feelings.

While I was home, I attended the season finale of Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, a college picnic and the 2014 Rainbow Awards Gala. The solemn attitude that seeped my reality I felt in the rain. The sunny dispositions of my homecoming was anchored in relationship, conversation and emotion.

These showers that continue to sprinkle around allow me to feel. And to feel is my greatest symphony of time. Time spent in connection and authenticity.

When I depart from home and settle back into this practical house I feel sour, incomplete, empty and sad.

Sorrow fills my eyes with words I left unsaid.

But when I am home, I feel internally and touch gracefully. A violin of sensuous movement.

In the past 48 hours, I was home. Comforted by aquaintences and understanding.

Knowing and intuition.

Outcomes and possibilities.

A home game of me and you batting and fielding the energy in the moment.

Time is suspended.

No time is standard time when I am home with you.


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