My September color forecast

online psychic color tarot reading for septemberHello September. The month in itself has been a time for that back-to-school energy for years and this color forecast tells me no different. This would be the first year where I will not be falling back into a traditional classroom seat, but riding the energy in a new way since graduating last winter. So, lets check out what is in store for myself.

Drawing the cards

I pull or the Universe pops a color out for every week within the month. Sometimes it will be 4 or 5, it may even be more if the cards really become enthusiastic. This is at random as the cards are shuffled and sometimes they do like to fall out of the deck.

My September reading

My first week in September is the color, red. A color of passion and raw power. The phrase on the card says “Free yourself from Pain” which reminds me of all the negative stagnant energy that I’ve dealt with this past summer. This color takes me to my root chakra where my passion and survival needs are focused. In the first week I shall release the pain I have that’s holding me back from pursuing my passions and successfully surviving as a meditation coach and intuitive card reader. Crystals I will work with for the first week are red jasper and bloodstone. The red jasper is great for action and procrastination while bloodstone is said to help with revitalizing the blood and keeping away unwanted influences. During this time the New Moon is present, so focusing in on that energy will be most helpful!

The second week in September leads me to the color, aqua – Experience peace & calm. Going with the natural flow in this month is integral for my manifestation of true peace with myself and my environment. Money comes to mind as it does every month so I need to remain willful in allowing it to flow toward me when it shall and not stress when it doesn’t. Light is refracted when it enters the water world, so at this time I can be extremely bound to my emotions and more mysteries might rise to the surface for this matter. Crystals great for me to use during this time are aquamarine (balancing my emotions) and apophyllite (clarity and meditation). This week I want to focus on tapping into my reservoir of mindfulness to keep myself from sinking into a drowned state.

The middle of the month brings another warm color and it’s yellow – Purify your body. The vibrancy of this color marks achievement. Some plans and goals I had set will prosper and grow accordingly. Like in school, this time reflects obtaining a yellow star shaped sticker for a job well-done. In the mean time, it’s important to keep my sacred spaces clean and to use my lemongrass oil to keep away the unwanted buggy energy. There are energy vampires that will want to suck you dry of your positive light, it’s good at this time to safeguard myself from jealous people. Crystals I can use citrine (success) and yellow jade (joy and happiness). I remind people that yellow is obnoxious, so I need to remain obnoxiously positive during this time of the month. The Full Moon is at this time!

At the month’s end, white – Lighten up. It’s important to note that the pain has been released this month and I should feel weightlessness during this time and a stronger connection to spirit. A greater focus on angels and animal guides are high at this time. Paying attention to my dreams for future insight is also reflected in this color as bed pillows are often representative of sleep. Crystals to use are rainbow moonstone (spiritual healing for all of humanity) and dalmatian jasper (animal connection & fun energy stimulant).

Challenges for this month include releasing myself from pain and going with the flow.

Opportunities for this month include experiencing happiness and strengthening my spirit.

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