My Inspiration Network: A social network for change

Autumn Equinox, Mabon bring the changing season in you

by Bernard-Charles

Season Autumn Mabon photo change My new online community called My Inspiration Network is ready to embrace you and your goals, dreams, and creations that will sprout from your own self-discovery journey this Fall.

I need to take a moment to soak in my excitement and hold back some tears from this post. ( I am too sensitive.)

I’ve written about this idea a month ago and wanted to choose a timely date that will best stir the air and came up with launching the site on Mabon/Autumn Equinox.

In the pagan tradition, Mabon is a time of a balance between light and dark and is a time of change and what more perfect than to launch a network site that swims in the sole purpose of change. This is what self-transformation is all about. And Fall is my favorite season of all time!

My wonderful friend, TipToeChick on YouTube better explains the energy of this sabbat and time of transition.

A network for you

My Inspiration Network ( is a forum based site that allows you to create a network account or simply use your other social media accounts to log in. You can do this by entering the Positive Space.

Daily blog posts are published in the Today’s Journal and you can reflect and comment  on these posts in the Positive Space forum.

If you…

  • Don’t know where you are in life
  • Need help figuring out a career path
  • Have confusing thoughts about self-love
  • Want to strengthen your intuition

Then you can do so with the help of the network’s Life-Teachers.

Life-Teachers are experienced professionals in any of the following: life-coaching, counseling, healing, and intuitive guidance and are offering their time to mentor you along your self-discovery journey. Their services are encouraged to be free like talking to a friend over coffee, and offer a discount on services for MIN members. My intention is to help you find your way without the hassle of money. I know personally I met many roadblocks because of this ugly superficial element, but this is what makes the world go round, and I learned to accept it. If you are a professional in any of these areas, please feel free to apply for the program.

Without delay, I welcome you to My Inspiration Network. May the new season of change bring you a bountiful of inspirations, dreams, and satisfaction in creating your dreams.

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