My color altar: yellow + the bane of my ego

yellow color rainbow altar challenge photo

Setting up color each week has been enchanting.

I learned more about my relationships and even boosted my confidence in the course of 2 weeks and now the solar energy of yellow graces my sacred space.

While creating this altar, I must have rearranged it a million and one times.

Something did not feel right.

And my intuitive empathic powers understood that something grotesquely off-balanced was at play.

Truth be told, it seems that my energy is immensely sensitive now that I choose to walk a path of organic, natural and mindful.

Yellow reminds me to be obnoxiously positive so I let go of this need to perfect my altar and simply live out the week to see what happens.

I had a brawl with my ego when I went to a chinese restaurant and was given this fortune cookie that wanted the insatiability of my essence to come out.

We all know about delayed gratifications and some like myself have a hard time digesting this concept. Why can’t we be happy now? Because as we grew up we were manipulated and our emotions were disposed of and ignored. I was afraid to think that gratification in real-time was ever possible or meant for enjoyment.

This week my fortune spoke and I vowed to let go of my financial fears that tormented my gut. From closeted window shopping fantasies to acknowledging genuine feelings, my journey with yellow has given me the OK to live in the moment proudly.

Detach from fear and you will detox your way to happiness.

The door to my personal healing and happiness is open and I would be honored to help you find and turn the knob on yours through a color reading.

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