My color altar: red + the secret meaning behind it

This week I launched the rainbow altar challenge all over Facebook and Instagram and it’s picking up soul-by-soul.

Colors and their impact on our life is fundamental because color is how we see, feel and understand light.

If you are truly on the side of justice and the highest good you’ll quickly understand why color is so important even before I spill the magic beans.

Which I am not so sure this world of inorganic advances can handle.

Yet, you can take any element and spin it on it’s head for your own use.

Good or evil.

My red altar has given me insight into this powerful base color of the rainbow. And in my light and color studies, the frequency of the red ray is the slowest and longest in comparison to the other colors. A little bit of a slow and steady wins the race correlation.

Red energy in my sacred space has been slow and steady and what’s interesting is that I have been collecting red memorabilia for years and it’s not the eye popping red that catches my soul’s fancy but the deep burgundy or passionate color of the rose.

Take a look at my altar.

red color altar photo
Messages of romance, strength, speed and space all invoke my senses. 

According to traditional feng shui, my altar is in my relationship section of the bagua. By divinity this was an accident and I had no intentions on following the bagua until I looked it up to write this post to you. I swear!

Since building my red altar my relationships have bolstered and sparks ignited socially. If you are reading this than this energy continues to draw you closer to me. I don’t mind but don’t feel like you are under a spell because I haven’t gotten around to the magic making. My week with red will soon be leaving but I am happy to say that when I need to kickstart the flames in my life I know I can count on a great pair of red pants, garnet crystals and a dragon totem to keep me alive. My love heals with red energy and it’s like experiencing an energy transfusion.

Red is the vehicle for a long journey that frees us from pain of yesteryear.

If you find yourself ghastly unattracted to the red hue, then I challenge you to work up the guts to build a red altar and let me know your dislikes, likes and quibbles about the color red. I am sure our souls will put up a good fight for all the Universe to see, of course we cannot let fear triumph!

Jump in for some red here.

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