My color altar: orange + the creative force in Mabon

orange altar

Traditionally for my own energy the timing of Mabon and all things autumn have been empowering.

This year takes no exceptions.

My orange altar is up and emitting powerful waves of creativity and force energy so epic that my passion for color is illuminating even the darkest parts of my business.

I am in the process of amplifying my blog here visually as well as structurally.

Where fireflies shop storefront is getting an up-do as well including some more interactive me time with clients! If you purchase a reading, you can chat with me in real time and I will be able to read your color and share with you it’s meanings in the quickest way possible.

But of course this is all the beginning to an adventure yet to come and my art of color reading is sacred so divine timing is in cosmic hands.

The spirit of Mabon is a reminder of the joy and celebration that our internal and external harvests must abundantly endure.

Bring all your energy forward to enjoy the last drop.

This past summer I have conquered my fears with abundance and in addition to maintaining a beautiful color biz, I can satisfy my basic survival needs with a full time job. This is totally worth celebrating and boosts my confidence to endure great threats that attack this land.

On my altar I have dried Black Eye Susie for justice and citrine crystals for success.

Books containing my life themes and a wand specially crafted for creative life-force.

I know that each of us are alive for a reason and walk a common purpose. And through color you’ll be able to tap into this energy source and see the road so much clearer. Believe me, even a doodle is worth appreciating.

Just create.

You are the co-pilot of your destiny so navigate well and explore fearlessly.

If you ever need a friend I am here for we could always use an ally in this world to help us face the darkest of evils.

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4 thoughts on “My color altar: orange + the creative force in Mabon

  1. The photo of your altar is quite inspiring. I particularly love the inclusion of the Harry Potter book. 🙂 You’ve made me think about the coming equinox and of the importance of infusing more color into my personal worship practices. Thank you for sharing this image. Peace.

    1. Namaste! You should totally join in on the fuN!

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