Messages from my birth season in color

TCRC logoWhen I asked my mom on the phone when she thought would be the best time to launch this super cool project I had whipped up in the course of 3 months, she said to do it on the spring equinox.

My eyes darted to my mini calender by my laptop and saw that her proposed time was less than a week away!

A chuckle came out of me and I knew I could not be done in time.

But the way synchronicity and intuition would tag team my motivation, it all did get done. Of course some loose ends are flying in the wind, but that will come to settle as this new seasonal change finishes it’s transition.

April is my birth month and Spring is my birth season. The keyword that fell over my mom’s voice as she justified her answer was “new beginnings.” I have been striving for a while to consolidate what I am doing as a card reader. It’s more than card interpretations for me, it’s truly a lifestyle of living ever-present with intuition and I believe wholeheartedly that color can assist anyone in recognizing their intuitive powers.

Each season comes with it’s own color scheme and this one screams greens, yellows and pinks. Most colors stem from the heart center which deals with love & compassion and the yellow is rooted in how we digest life so more or less a sunny disposition.

The manifestation of The Color Reader Club isn’t to compete with other programs and life-changing communities. My intent is to bridge forces with my sisterhoods and brotherhoods to educate the layperson on how to properly and successfully manifest with metaphysical know-how. Each case and challenge will be different and so I am embarking on this journey to provide at least a new direction for people who know the values of holistic and spiritual teachings but may be ostracized or bullied by others of other beliefs and lifestyles.

Color is a really discreet and affordable way to access your natural light – your bioluminencense, firefly- when you are in a situation or home where practicing the magic of life isn’t as friendly. So this community will be where love, light and color meet for the highest good regardless of religious affiliation and background.

If you are interested in learning more about The Color Reader Club then please go and read as much as you can. Ask questions too, as I said before there are some loose strands whipping through the air and your questions might be the grounded energy I need to manifest concrete product.

Feeling itchy for some equinox magic already, then be sure to check out Lyn Thurman’s fun Ostara worksheet on creating magic beans!

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