Meditation: Connect with Your Inner Phoenix

Magic + Myth : A Spirit and Wellness Guest Post
by Jodi Sky Rogers

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We all reach breaking point sometimes.

We fall apart.

Our souls feel worn out.

Have you been there?

Have you had those moments where the darkness of winter drags you into gloomy and cold places? Moments when it feels as if your life is crumbling around you or your heart is breaking?

It’s not easy to draw inspiration when the things that once gave you hope now lie beside you in a pile of ashes. Not when you’ve risked it all, only for the feathers of your hope-filled heart to catch alight while flying amongst the stars of your dreams.

But here’s the thing – You have fire in you, a powerful and luminous inner Phoenix spirit equipped to handle the curve balls that come your way.

Although you sometimes crash and burn when things get tough, you also have the power to transform crises into opportunities, to transform endings into beginnings. To renew your jaded soul and to rises up from ashes of defeat and depletion.

The Spirit of Your Inner Phoenix

The phoenix’s story is one of death and rebirth, and dear spirit warrior, that very story is woven into the threads of your being too.

The fire in you is strong and resilient. Your wild and magical spirit can endure so much, even when you think you can’t get through it sometimes. By taking one sacred breath at a time you find a way back to balance. By taking one guided step at a time, you eventually find yourself pulling through it all. You find the strength to reignite the flames and the Phoenix in you is reborn, so that you slowly make your way back to a space of passion and inspiration.

It’s said that all things happen for a reason.

Spirit keeps showing me that this is true. I’ve learnt to see that so often the challenges that we stumble into are teaching us one thing or another. Often we go through a transformational ring of fire to purge what the wild inner essence is ready to release, whether the conscious mind is aware of it or not. Our crises bring us to our knees in surrender, calling us to let go of things that no longer serve us – to shed old limiting beliefs, change our perceptions and release toxic people. Sometimes the shackles in your life need to burn because that’s the only way to see your wild inner treasures, glistening like gold in the midst of the burnout grey ashes. This way we learn make room for new things.

But it’s also important to note that there is a certain grace in the ashes too.

They can be a place of stillness to rest a little while you rebuild your strength until you are ready to start fanning the flames and to trust the wise intuitive whispers of your heart again. Rising from the ashes after this period of restoration, the inner Phoenix emerges whole again, seeing the world with fresh eyes and ready for a new life. The treasures gathered from the ashes can now be strung together as resources to utilise in future to help you build your dreams or to tackle bigger challenges to come.

So when you can’t see your way out of a difficult situation, those meltdown moments may be the perfect opportunity to draw upon your Inner Phoenix. Reminding you that you’ve lived through other challenges before and right this very second you can rely on your inner fire feathers.

When you surrender to what is, a shift takes place and something comes along to renew your sense of hope. By focusing on the lessons and collecting the pieces of gold among the ashes you grow even stronger and learn to soar higher.

Empower your inner Phoenix through meditation

  • Light a few candles in a quiet place where you can sit down to meditate.
  • Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths, in and out.
  • Feel yourself relaxing as you do. Let go of any thoughts or worries. Allow yourself to be present in the moment as you continue to breathe deeply for a few more moments.
  • Focus your attention on your centre and the space around your solar plexus. Feel into this place intuitively. Notice a sphere of fire radiating from your centre. As you focus on the sphere of fire within you, you feel a deep sense of love and calm envelope you.
  • Now see the flames expand and transform into a Phoenix. This is your inner Phoenix. Feel its vibrant energy and allow this energy to flow into you.
  • Ask your inner Phoenix if it has any wisdom or messages to share with you. What do you need to know right now?
  • Where can you draw on the strength of your inner Phoenix to help you shift through transformations? What to you need to release and burn? How can this fire energy help you to rise above your problems? What passions, dreams and inspirations can your inner Phoenix help you reignite?
  • Listen to the answers that come. It may help to write them down in a journal.
  • When you are ready, thank your inner Phoenix for the guidance.
  • Take a few deep breaths, be present in your body and open your eyes.

IMG_20140922_145527Jodi Sky Rogers – An Eco-intuitive & Writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the author of the book Wild Essence: Return to the Peace and Freedom of Your Inner Wilderness.

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