Marianne Williamson’s Campaign Colors and What It Could Mean for the Country

Call me the Carrie Bradshaw of color psychology. Marianne Williamson is no newbie when it comes to having a political message. Her points and rebuttals may appear extra new age to the untrained eye and ear. But let’s dive deeper with her campaign color choices.

What does the healer in chief’s campaign colors say about her, the platform she’s running on and the mental health of our country?

Some background, color psychology in campaigns is nothing new either. Politicians have been using color to activate a variety of chemicals in your brain to induce emotional and physical reactions. Primarily two. Red and blue. Why? These two primary colors are contrasting, dualistic, oppositional, and culturally representative of survivability. And although we don’t know the truest purpose of color, I’ve found with over 10 years of experience that we often give color associations, memories, and identities based on our learned knowledge picked up from childhood to social conditioning provided through corporate marketing and consulting firms. The purpose of color in a capitalistic society of modern technology today is to communicate/control the projection of light being received. In other words, the color clothing you choose to wear will affect how the outer world interacts and interprets your existence. You’re welcome. Hence most people wear black to avoid or circumvent the energy.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look under the hood of hex color choices. I’m using encycolorpedia and htmlcsscolor to look up similar colors found online.

Tickle me pink #f386a7

Also known as rose glory and carnation. It’s been a color to associate with feminine energy. The spirit of love. And falls between remorse and contempt according to Robert Plutchik’s wheel of color.

Violent violet #201747

Also known as iron horse and bright sapphire. It’s a darker deeper color that anchors you in place. Pride and valor born from pain and suffering. There’s a connection to similar colors and depression.

But hope floats.

The interesting aspect to Marianne’s color choices is how emotional, eastern and evolutionary her imagery and message is to heal our country. She doesn’t use a photograph, but artwork. Fluid, painterly, textured, and effervescent in how the light dances with shadows. It’s ethereal.

Like calligraphy, the elements of earth and water move harmoniously and I definitely feel this in the mood of the website, posters, and community. Where these colors come into play is tapping into that deep part of you that feels isolated. It’s the inside of your own personal Pandora’s box. It’s space where your Venus descended into a retrograde and you’re left longing to love and be loved in return. And of course Marianne wrote a book called A Return to Love, but it’s in that typical classic romance red that everyone associates to love. Based on an incorporated masculine belief that love is always hot, fiery and requires sacrifice. The feminine color of love is unconditional, compassionate, and simply maternal and paternal in nature. Like two parents of any gender and identity tickling their child til they’re pink. This is the pink color behind Marianne’s vision. Your needs met and having the space to enjoy being tickled by an abundant planet and universe.

The dark navy blue is the blanket of divorce, division, and disease that forces us to protect our children. I know nothing about Marianne besides the media sound bites and a handful of candidate interviews she has given to the press. I don’t know her story. I never read any of her books or gone to see her speak at a conference. But what I can learn and tap into her spirit through her color choices is that I feel a woman who’s had to navigate toxic masculinity, reclaim her worth as Ishtar and Persephone had done in their own descent into their personal hells, and learn to invoke magic and miracles by mothering herself and others. If anything this 1997 article about Marianne definitely nails her high priestess card in the pop religion space. I totally see her continuing to guide others into a more mindful way of being. This presidential passion project is purposeful and applying spiritual teachings to real gritty work on earth is exactly what this new Chiron in Aries energy is all about too. Brava.

The colors are powerful reformations of how we associate to masculine and feminine balance. I mean I think of our planets and how all of them are masculine oriented except for one – venus. Why?

I definitely am looking forward to having a female president. It is time. We needed the crazy, delusional, unstable, double Gemini presidency of Trump/Pence to show us just how unprofessional, callous and corrupt our government is with all the lies and mind games. And to piss off enough people to wake up and smell the roses. Toxic masculinity in conversations, social norms, and spaces are being eradicated from our everyday tolerance which is absolutely fair and just. Based on Marianne’s colors, I see the pain, but I also see the promise of humanity being heard and above all healed. If Martin Luther King Jr waited before taking his calling than we wouldn’t have gotten this far. If Susan B Anthony waited before taking her call, we wouldn’t have made it 100 years later. If any of us procrastinate on our desire and vision to improve our communities and livlihoods because of distractions and vitriol then we’d be depriving future generations of the same love, peace, and care we so desperately are craving.

I’ve grown up in poverty. Still unemployed. But if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that we all want to feel love. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it comes with 10 years experience, the latest technology, or a Starbucks cup. Love might show up in very unexpected places and people. The 2020 presidential election is going to mark a critical moment in our collective history as a nation as we take an evolutionary leap forward on legislation consisting of civil rights, gun reform, climate change, and racial reconciliation that reflects one very simple ingredient – love. If you were 5 years old and had this presidential candidate as a parent as they are, would you feel they love you?

I felt moved by Marianne’s interview here. Dodging that Oprah question was tight. But I also felt love coming from Tulsi Gabbard on The View. And the infamous Bernie Sanders announced his run. I personally would love all three of them work together as a holy trinity to purify our grinchy political swamp. And the lovely AOC is all the rage in my book. So I’m confident in the heroes and sheroes stepping into the light and it inspires me to splash in my magic more. I feel safer. And by golly, I feel love.

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