#luckytobe magically delish

This past week I struggled with accepting the joy it takes to appreciate what I have in the moment.

I do have a roof over my head, food on the table and a clean body to love.

I do have a means to make people happy from around the world and in turn it all just makes me happy.

To be honest, I am lucky to be alive.

According to the magic of online dictionaries, alive means this:

what does alive mean

I survived bullying, emotional/mental abuse from family members and curbed homelessness with my soul by nurturing a community that falls outside the family tree.

It may feel lonely and desolate at first because no one understands your thoughts and emotional patterns, but through a little appreciation, a dash of gratitude and a whole box of magical charm, I know you too will be chasing rainbows and feeling lucky to be alive.

This week, my depressed state has warmed and the sunshine returns full swing, just in time for a lovely Mercury Retrograde which will move into the sign of Cancer. This zodiac sign is all about emotions and nurture. So I dare you to be alive, feel your emotions ten fold and go nurture those passions that invigorate your senses.

Live in this moment with me, firefly.

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