Love holding gay marriage by the balls and ovaries

2012 Mayan prediction means free love

by Bernard-Charles

You know what I want to do? I want to tell everyone that my public and private education in the state of Pennsylvania taught me that in the United States there is this idea of separation of church and state. Furthermore this separation covers that stage of life when people choose to be married.

People have a choice to get married religiously or not.

Since we have no over-seeing church to control us like we did centuries ago, I think it’s safe to say that we as people hold this power now in 2012. I learned that we have to take more responsibility and that we choose people to elect in office. They might have authority, but often times they needed our support first so it’s on their karmic bank.

I want to be just like Ellen when I get married…happy.

Now most of us are scared of the Christian God and choose to obey the Bible to save ourselves in the future, but you forget that we as a human race know far more about what we can do. See the new age and witchcraft communities. (Natural magic has been around longer than Christianity, ever wonder where medicine started from, see herbalism.)

Love is the focus and power that these “pagan” groups choose to believe in, and that’s why I love my fellow witches and crystal lovers. They understand the Earth and choose to embrace the positive while others decide to give into fear and negativity. Or some choose to follow a path that is completely  and utterly drenched in co-dependency because they don’t have the backbone to think for themselves.

Homosexuals cannot get married, why?

All these religions/traditional conservative beliefs from family members have ingrained the idea that it is wrong to love and express affection with and for the same gender. To follow-up, the kids of these grounded roots grow up and we have our legal system. The justice system (U.S. Supreme Court and States) hasn’t put its foot down as a whole  to vouch for the essence of love, because they haven’t experienced what it truly means to love someone. I on the contrary do and believe whole heartily that my Aries/Virgo judgement can lead the entire USA to better heights. I know because I am claircognizant.

Without the support to love people as people, we have problems like teen suicide, youth homelessness, and major harassment in schools. Even people get battered for wearing bike shorts which is ridiculous.

I am not bias because I believe in the power to love. Don’t tell me you do, if your comments are going to be against me. (This is a positive space!) I know what it means to love and loving someone shouldn’t be weighed down by religion or oppressive governing bodies. This is the change that we need to see as the Mayan’s predicted. December 21, 2012 is coming closer isn’t it.

We all are living as one body. Have you seen Avatar? The point is that we all are part of one massive network, even social media displays this vast connection. I think it is incredible for people to love the same gender because it tells me that they feel an urge deep down inside them to appreciate a part of their own being and they want to embrace that on the outside. The same thing that happens with straight love. I had 2 girlfriends my entire life and I felt the same way I did for them as I do for guys. I just feel a stronger vibration with guys.

White and black people challenged what it meant to love. And women also challenged what it meant to love by fighting for their right to vote. (Showed a lot of sisterly love for each other’s opinions, gosh I loved Iron Jawed Angels.)

  • If same-sex marriage is passed without the oppressive parties mentioned then people will still have the ability to be heterosexual. We need babies too.
  • If same-sex marriage is passed the stronger the worldly community will grow because love (a positive feeling) will thrive in our hearts.
  • If same-sex marriage is passed the days will still be the same, but more attention will be on the next thing to change for the better.

Expand your awareness and stop dwelling on the negative, cold, and concrete definition of marriage.

Marriage is an act of showing love between two beings. A bond between a man and woman biologically can make babies, but love transforms us and who knows…evolution could allow same-sex couples to make babies. It’s about survival.

Negative people need to stop depriving others of unequal rights just because they can’t fathom/feel the idea of loving the same gender….because all in all we are our own individuals and the universe made you,as your own person. You should strive for the self-awareness of love.

Love is pretty strong, share your own moment of feeling or experiencing love in the comments below!


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