Life Choice Wellness Nutrition bars make me happy

A Good Choice: A nutrition bar worth eating

by Bernard-Charles

Try Life Choice’s Wellness bars today!

This past week I had the arduous task of researching topics for a new blog that I will maintain throughout the semester for my Intro to Multimedia class and well I think by this post you can figure  what topic won: food!

Although this is not going to be my class blog, I did want to share with you all an awesome treat that will change your opinion about protein bars. The awesomeness of Life Choice’s Wellness bars don’t taste like any protein oriented bar that I have ever tasted before and I have tried a lot from Luna to Cliff. Even Muscle Milk did not make me want to go down the nutritious route.

My back-to-school shopping at Walmart, where you can find Life Choice, consisted of mostly finding the best protein and energy building snacks that I can easily store in an 75 degree room. (Believe me the room is hot!) The Wellness bars come in a box of 5 and there is 14-15 grams of protein per bar. This sold me instantly so it was just factor of deciding flavors. I chose two boxes: Double Peanut (14 g.) and the Fudge Graham (15 g.) The other available flavor of this wellness series is Chocolate Caramel (15 g.), but the store did not have that in stock.

I am on my last bar of the peanut flavor and I am eager to try the fudge. But so far the Double Peanut tastes extremely good. There is no overbearing powder or weird after taste that other bars seem to let linger in your mouth. I am really happy with my discovery!

However, apparently this brand is so popular because during my online research, Life Choice actually makes special bars that offers more grams of protein, yet when I was shopping there was only the Wellness bars along with the Meal bars. Life Choice produces Meal bars, Wellness bars, Energy bars, and Protein bars. I will watch out for those protein bars for sure!

So, if you are looking for something with protein that isn’t full of a chalk taste or bitter to the touch, try Life Choice’s Wellness bars. I threw away my receipt, but believe me, I’m on a budget and I bought two boxes!

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