Laughing with the angels

by Susan Ellis-Saller

Working with angels is one of those things… you know… people are either into it or they’re not! Personally, I love the warm fuzzies I get after calling on particular angels to help me through daily life and difficult times, and I especially like the clever and playful way they choose to communicate their presence in my life. Almost every time I ask for a sign, I get one that really starts me giggling.

For example, I was driving down the road the other morning on my way to work, thinking about the fact that my position will be terminated at the end of the school year, and about the fact that I really want to serve more and follow my dreams by expanding my Reiki practice. I asked for a sign about what I should do, and then I waited.

Now, for those of you who are used to working with angels, you know that they often send their messages in ways that you will totally grasp – and if you ask for a little bit of clarification – you might just get a LOT of clarification!

Back to the drive. The car in front of me had license plate number 644 and the one in front of him had 744. Hmmm. Forty-four is totally an angel number. In fact, according to Joanne Sacred Scribes, angel number 44 pretty much tells you that you are being supported and encouraged by loving angels who would like to help you succeed.

Really though, I questioned, are these 44s really the message for me? I asked if I could just have a smidgen more proof!

Voilà – that was all that I needed to do because every single car I passed for the next minute – and I was in morning traffic next to a middle school with all the parents dropping their kids off – all of the cars had fours in the license plate number. Fours everywhere I looked. Not a single car that I looked at for a full minute – like 20 cars – did not have a four on it.

I was convinced.

Another time the angels really made me laugh was when I was first starting to more ‘formally’ work with them. I was in my kitchen cooking, and I asked them to give me a sign to let me know that they were with me. We have a motion sensing light on our stairwell that doesn’t really work so well on a good day, and it started going on… and off… and on… and off… and on. On. Off. On. Off. ON! It was starting to drive me a little nuts! I thought – OK, angels! Enough of that! I get the idea. Please stop. And it did. I had to giggle a little because it was so insistent, but those angels stopped when I asked them to!

And that is the way that the angels speak to me. First it is a little ‘ahem,’ and then it is the equivalent of a troop of angels jumping up and down with their arms flailing – we are HERE! We are HERE!!! See us! Listen to us!

There are some signs that you can look for – much like the 44s that I mentioned – that are generally associated with angels being around you.

  • Feathers – angels will leave beautiful feathers as signs for you. A friend of mine told me a story about a beautiful, full, white feather in front of a shop that she was being guided to work with. This feather was perfect – and it was just sitting there as if it came out of nowhere.
  • Coins – angels might leave more coins in your path when they are looking to get your attention. If you have been asking for a sign and you see a coin lying on the ground in front of you when you are walking, you know that coin is a sign of angelic presence.
  • Glimmers of sparkling lights or glowing orbs – These do not have to be huge, but they are definite signs that there are angels around you. If you catch a glimpse of a light or orb that has no logical origin, that probably means that there is an angel near you.
  • Ads and signs – it is sometimes funny how you will be thinking about angels, and then you will pass a billboard that has an angel on it, or mentions one of the archangels by name!
  • Voices from nowhere – this one can be a little freaky at first, but the angels      might actually whisper in your ear or even shout at you to get your attention. There are many accounts of people who have averted catastrophes because they were warned about the danger by mysterious voices.

Those are just a few of the different ways that angels use to make their presence known. If you work with angels frequently, you might have different signs that they are near you.

Do you have an angelic story or sign from the angels to share? Have the angels tickled your funny bone with their messages? Tell us how below!

Susan Ellis-Saller headshotSusan Ellis-Saller is a natural Energy Practitioner who has formally studied Usui and Shamballa Reiki and Quantum energy practices, along with dabbling in a host of other methods related to energy therapy. She also is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and a Certified Angel Card Reader™. When Susan is not working to help others find guidance and good health, she is either learning more about different arts and practices, or spending time with her family and trying to find adventures in the sun! Visit her Facebook page.




  1. I recently wrote in my wordpress Blog about finding pennies and dimes immediately after writing about Angels and Archangels and how they frequently send pennies and dimes. There were several experiences I had to share. I love working with Archangel Raphael when someone I care about or I myself need healing. I also found out my Guardian Angel’s name just by asking, following the suggestion on how to do this from another Angel Blog. They want us to know they are around us, we just have to be open to the signs.

  2. That is such a beautiful example of the angels speaking directly to you, Sean! I am glad that they let you know that everything was going to be all right!

  3. It was early in the morning the day of my surgery so of course we had to arrive very early at the hospital.I was full of intrepidation and fear beause in the past I had many difficulties with the same surgery. As we pulled into the front of the hospital, I was praying to God to help me through this operation. At that moment, my favorite song from my childhood came on the radio, ” Lean On Me” the original, by Bill Withers! I began to cry and I knew all would be fine in Gods’ hands! Everything came out perfect!

    1. Isn’t this a perfect example of truth! 😀 Awesome Sean!!! My childhood song is We are Champions lol I listened to that while making god-inspired paper chains to hang in my room. So everytime that song comes up for me I know God is surely around or the Angels for that matter!

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