Late Night Thanks

Hey my beautiful world! So, I am so writing this so early at like quarter after midnight, but who cares! You can blog whenever your little heart tells you too! So my day was very brief. I slept in. Meaning that I slept until 12:50 pm. Yeah! That late. Ugh I wanted to see all my talk shows, but sleep prevailed. So I decided to a post about what I am thankful for! More like who I am thankful for actually!

  1. My Mother: Naturally as she did put up with a six pounder coming out of her yaya.
  2. My Family: Yes. Mom isĀ separateĀ because she totally is entitled to be. Family needs to stick together like glue!
  3. My Friends- Here comes a long list—I say refer to my Facebook Friends list. That should do it.
  4. Milton Hershey School for allowing me the opportunity to go to college. For Free.
  5. Point Park University for being a college! Well University.
  6. The Theater Offensive for being my first internship.
  7. Interns specifically at TTO for being such amazing people.
  8. Intern Nikki at TTO for showing me the way. Ā Ya sister too!
  9. Intern Sasha for watching my food habits. Bar-form is not good.
  10. Intern Fernanda for speaking Spanish.
  11. Intern Ryan for being from Orange County. And actually explaining what it’s really like.
  12. Intern Darby for being my mama!
  13. Intern Brendan for Starbucks!
  14. Intern Sus and Zach for totally being in the Ed office all the time. šŸ˜€
  15. Intern Grace for rockin in the cooper! GaGa is da bomb!
  16. More specifically and for always and always Intern Chris for being the coolest cat in the pack! Go Red Sox.

Yeah. The list would kinda just continue and continue for eternity, but I don’t feel like mentioning a whole damn list! I know to many people. So, this was my late night post. Gosh. People are still up online. lmao. Well this kiddo is throwing in the towel. I want to see Regis and Kelly tomorrow soooo bad! And Ellen of course.

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