Unboxing Kuan Yin Oracle


I do not buy every single tarot or oracle deck nor do I aspire to have a large deck collection as if they were treated like books. When I read books I tend to read them once and be done. I don’t find myself to be that way with card decks used for the sacred purpose of seeing intuition.

Your card collection should be a moderate spectrum of who you are – truth though – I suppose we could find a way to justify any soul product that strikes a nerve inside us.

Purchasing a new card deck actually takes me years to consider as I finesse my own intuition.

We are on a natural evolution and sometimes the newness freshens up the why we are here in the first place.

The Kuan Yin Oracle actually was a deck I wanted to get back when I was searching for an alternative to tarot. Instead, I found a color deck that changed the course of my destiny. Then I created my own and now we are here reconnecting with the Goddess herself that reminds me to keep focus on me through compassion and mercy.

My other spirit guides like Isis and Oshun I had attached to previous relationships that I used to validate my existence. Oh I need to be in a relationship to have love so Isis, Oshun make it happen.

It’s not like that with Kuan Yin. She is poised. Firm. Diligent and well refined.

I did not know working with the Goddess would teach me hard truths of humanity but what is done is done.

Respecting the messages of Kuan Yin ever since I learned Karen Armstrong’s 12 steps to living a compassionate life motivates me to serve the world in a dignified and graceful way.

I still feel hurt by Isis and Oshun because even though time has passed – I still remember what it feels like to long for a relationship so romantic and true.

But again and again it must be found in you. In myself.

I spent quite some time in meditation over this image on the back of the book that is included.


How the light protects her head made me feel clear and focused.

I have been working immensely on understanding why color and what I can offer that is my truth.

The butterflies adorning this beauty’s movement reminds me that I am surrounded by people that have transformed and are alive to share their spell.

I almost feel like a caterpillar munching on fine green leaves and chewing only the best to satisfy my hunger.

Kuan Yin surprised me too when my family moved from the city to a small town ten minutes away.

There standing in my new backyard stood a rock statue of a woman more beautiful from weathering seasons.

She is still part of the tranquil yard and I find myself thinking of how shocked I was to be in her presence again. At the time I was consistently bombarded with her energy through synchronicity that I saved this deck to my wish list. It was too expensive at the time to get and I really did not want to feel impulsive.

I am happy to say I still have a kinship toward Kuan Yin and think I will for a long time and no man can ever stand between the petals of our lotus.

Oh for some color fun, when I opened the box it was pink inside!


Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:

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