Keeping your eye on the wrong prize promotes misopportunity and numbness


As an online entrepreneur whose astrological moon sign is Capricorn, I find myself shackled to fear when it comes to the abyss of monetary abundance. You don’t have to be a heartfelt solopreneaur managing your own empire or even have the lavish financial desires of royalty to know a thing or two about money.

Money fundamentally is a device for energetic exchange.

I give you money, you give me food. I give you food, and you give me money, service, or a different food.

Value is exchanged and determined.

So how do we know the true value of something?

We have to rely on our feelings/intuitive impression. Secondly, we can consider our budget and current resources available to make an equal and fair trade. Often times we may find ourselves feeling guilty giving time, love and maybe a flower picked from outside to operate an exchange of value. Because we’ve been fooled to believe money holds more weight over our emotions.

Do you feel numb toward real love and happiness?

Growing up my grandmother would visit us regularly and I’ve for the most part enjoyed her company. She believed that staying with her only family, she needed to bring “gifts” to secure her place in our hearts. This I know pissed my mom off to some degree because it meant more useless junk to fill the house. Not every bounty was useless and much of what I remember comforted me. I’ve received various knick knacks and hand-me-down items from her with precious intentions however I allowed that materialism to consume me and eventually in anxious anticipation stared at Nana as she opened her black garbage bags waiting for something to add to my collection.

Today’s daily draw message sheds light on current obstacles to be aware of right now. Gold and Typha brown reveals that my obsession with money + material goods is keeping me from enjoying true love and happiness. All week the colors have been heart chakra based and it seems as though I am stuck in the mud because I have an inverted perception of my self-worth while keeping my eye on the wrong prize.

For now, I am going to sit with the energy. Meditate and drink some tea so I don’t miss another opportunity. Tomorrow will bring how I can overcome my obstacles with abundance, hopefully you’ll stick around to see what color messages are provided by divine spirit.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


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