It’s Time for a New Belt

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is falling apart? Well, mine literally is calling it quits. My belts that is and any and all shirts that have buttons are throwing in the towel. Yeah! My belts are becoming worn out and my shirts are losing their buttons! Whatever shall  I do. Well I know how to sew button back on but I don’t know anything about belt making so I am going leave that area of expertise up to those leather refining gurus.

I love my wardrobe, well most of it anyway. I like to think that each piece of clothing I own has value and a related memory to it. Like for instance today I decided to wear my pastel purple floor shirt from my freshman year, because I was thinking and feeling the need to remember my first year in college. Also, I decided to wear my cut out jean shorts because well it is summer and they are kinda comfy to wear while in an AC zone of some sort. Not to mention I will be in the bedroom, and on the computer all day like I have been doing for a full week now. Terrible! I know. I am ashamed to say that’s what I have been doing all this time, but there is nothing else to do. Well, to tell you the truth I have an internship to go to but that story is not going to be published on WordPress. It is going straight into a book!

Yes, the closet looks sad that I haven’t chose something different to wear. Well, I am sorry, I like certain clothes more so than others. I choose the same belt too! Over this summer break, I broke one belt already. I was putting it on and I pulled to hard to try and tighten it and SNAP! The belt conveniently broke in two sections where the hole I was going to stick the prong through. Well, thank goodness I have another belt, well quite a few as you can tell by the pictures I posted along with this post.

Well, today was another sign that my belt adventure continues. With another belt that I have been using to replace the old belt, the leathery plastic skin is peeling. Sad, because that was the first sign of old age in the other belt. Pity, I like both belts a lot, but they must have been deeply and madly in love. Dying around the same time.

You know something, I think I may be wearing my clothes too often! That’s it! I am wearing my clothes way too often and I need to preserve the quality of my wardrobe so I can use it when I need to. Do you agree? Of course you do. What a friend. Hey, I wouldn’t be a friend if I left you in the dark! Why don’t you preserve your clothes with me and we can gaily skip around this world spreading the word of belt and shirt gods residing within our wardrobes.

OKAY. It’s time for a new belt.

But the option is always open 😀

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