It’s not a workbook – it’s a playbook of color

new moon wishing photoI follow my intuition and of course this happens!

On the new moon, I made a heart-etching wish because I wanted a more hands on approach in helping people take on the karmic responsibility of their spiritual growth…their natural evolution!

Smacked my head off the diving board like other solo-preneaurs but I realized today that I needed to take a risk and share my wisdom outright. No shiny distractions or lethargic programming.

Truth be told, I can’t keep up with my rapidly expanding to-do list these days so I boldly decided to downsize my attention! Part of my color adventures this past week were about freeing myself from the self-induced pain of my holistic work, rejuvenating back to my childhood roots and having full faith that I am protected during this process. These were the personal messages given to me by color and I am happy to share the gift of intuition with you through my intuitive playbook of color.

Why me?

I started working with color energy directly in 2008 when I was in high school and followed Llewellyn Worldwide’s calendar to see what would happen. I went to a private boarding school and had to wear uniforms. Luckily multicolored polo shirts were allowed. I wore specific colors with intention daily. From there I started a color reading series in 2012 on YouTube to give people an opportunity to feel the energy as they do for other card readers. Today my color forecasts are featured in an international e-zine called the Soul Path Magazine and I am reading people’s colors left and right. It’s been amazingly successful considering I am only 2 years out of college and able to pay off my school debt and build a metaphysical business from scratch.

About the book

The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal is the product of my commitment to teach people to be responsible for their own spiritual awareness. I want to lead a great group of people because they value the essence of energy. This book is a small manifestation of my determination in giving people the life-changing tool for curbing spiritual apathy, aimless motivation and forgetfulness.

The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal photo

 Ways you can enjoy color in a significant way:

  • Eat color – many fruits and veggies are powerhouses when it comes to color
  • Smell it – essential oils/incense from various plants offer the healing or spiritual energy as offered by the hue
  • Wear it – My favorite because it challenges self-expression and gets me to rebel against the norm
  • Words and color – Writing your needs and to-dos in certain colors can affect the outcome of your desires/intentions
  • Meditation + dreaming – when we go inside our minds we see various colors that have relevance to our solutions
  • Crystals – many minerals are full of vibrant colors which are applied to their metaphysical abilities and properties

I believe color is the easiest + super friendly way of reclaiming your natural power

“I feel accomplished today I have used all my color today I used my dark kiss from bath n body so I got my purple with my peach tea I’m drinking and wearin lime green undies and a sky blue shirt!! I’ve noticed I’m happier when I do more with color love it!!!!” – Sean, Ohio

So, what’s inside the book?

  • daily color tracking sheets
  • daily journal canvass pages
  • monthly mind-mapping exercises
  • weekly gratitude and reflection prompts
  • understanding the chakras coloring page
  • color personality quiz
  • a monthly self-portrait exercise
  • color intention sheets for the month

What do I get outside of the book?

You have the option of joining my Facebook Page.

Get it now for only $19.99

Teency housekeeping
 The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal  after your purchase is completed will be available to you via a personal email from me. Please understand that investing in this product is an investment in your personal and spiritual development.  All purchases are final. No outcome or result is the same as energy manifests personally to you. Joining the Facebook community is not required but recommended. 

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There’s enough information provided to introduce you to topics to explore without having to do heavy duty study.