Intuitive reading for your ex lover and friend

You wake up to check your morning emails everyday and today is no different accept for that email from your past love requesting a tarot card reading. What do you do?

I have come a long way with myself to say that I do have an action plan when dealing with past relationships of any kind. I feel like I pour a lot of emotion into my friendships, family affairs and romances and many times I get zapped with a reality stick. Everyone simply isn’t as rosy as they appear in my head, but with the power of natural timing, I accept the healing energy and eventually forgive.¬†The easiest thing to do is forgive and the hardest thing to do is to forgive. We all are human so if forgiveness isn’t your cup of tea, then let bygones be bygones for the time being to strengthen your own human core.

Now you may be wondering how I approached this legendary challenge from the Gods and Goddesses…here’s what happened:

Mission accepted

I laughed first and foremost. I recognized the humor in the situation like it was a plot in a romantic comedy. It felt powerful to have my instincts see this as a test and I knew instantaneously I would be successful.  However, you need to ask yourself if you are well enough to continue through. There is always the option of turning it down, declining and running away. Essentially, be true to you.

Slow and steady wins the race

I did not jump right into delivering the order or responding when I saw the email. I needed time to ground myself. So I took deep breaths and physically moved slowly to prevent misfires of any kind. Now, the ball is in my playing field so I have the choice to be steady and patient in how I play with it.

Create a friendly unbiased flow

Delivering orders before my ex, placed myself in a business mode as well as created a state of flow with my intuition. Intuition is unbiased because it gives us messages that the client may or may not be looking to receive. Ex or not, we need to treat others equally, honestly and openly. I referred to his question numerous times to ensure accuracy of my intuition and went along with the meanings of the cards as I would anyone else. To my advantage I did know some of his personal weaknesses and strengths already but I continued with all thoughts and feelings that occurred in the moment for the reading, just like I would with a close friend.

Ultimately, the energetic exchange is yours to claim. Society pushes us so often to banish our ex relationships by not talking, texting or messaging. Personally, I feel like that keeps negative energy in the air because we are constantly reminding ourselves to NOT do something. The word ‘not’ amplifying a negative state of mind. The way the world wide web is these days, we are bound to cross paths at some point with our ‘enemies’. So it’s better to be prepared by releasing our past wounds and allowing time to heal. Everyone grows at different rates and speeds so don’t be too harsh on yourself or others.

We are human after all.


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