Getting In The Mood For More Magic In The World

Balayage your bad mood with color psychology tips and tarot cards so you can get out of your own way. In The Mood is a digital lifestyle membership where I create multimedia content to guide you (and myself) to live more, love more and fear less in a multicultural world. Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Astro Twins. Oprah meets paint samples. Your heart meets my heart.

Become a beautiful In The Mood insider today for $5/month or $50/year and get unlimited access to special color therapy and tarot highlights you won’t find anywhere else in the universe. Explore your magic further with the Miracle and On Call membership tiers.

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Your magic is real. I help others like you show up on this planet the loudest and proudest through color therapy and tarot. I’m not asking you to throw out every black piece of clothing or convert from religion to new age. I’m inviting you into a sacred space to read and listen to ageless wisdom, mindful meditations, and master natural magic through the art of love, light, and color.

In The Mood is my personal free-hand approach to tarot, color therapy, crystals, essential oils, and astrology. I’ll write up a week’s report on the energy to anticpate and ways to live more with color. All you do is put it in motion. If your yogurt lid had a fortune this is it. It’s a melting pot of miracles so you can leverage your emotional reality, improve your mood and make a difference with a spiritual sidekick. When we explore our true colors, a natural gradation happens with our thoughts. Changing the way we feel about ourselves, our work and our relationships. Putting your aura in the mood for ascension.

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Listen up. Are you a multi-passionate multi-taskin’ multi-cultural soul? In The Mood blog reports are exclusive to members which means audio versions are available. So if you’re avoiding the negative effects of the blue light in bed or on your way to work but need a horoscope espresso, put your headphones in and listen to the color therapy guidance. Multi-sensory yum.

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A general reading may miss the mark. That’s why I’m offering to Miracle members an individual reading every month specifically custom to their own path. Enjoy a recorded horoscope reading every month that features: tarot, color, and astrology personal to you. I’ll need to know your birthday, time of birth, and place of birth.

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Life goes rogue, now what? I’m no stranger to being blindsided by life, people or situations. We can’t always avoid the breakups and breakdowns. However, we can go through it together so you don’t feel alone. The On-Call option is a yearly membership to keep me on retainer as your private psychic should anything happen. Unlimited emails. Quick messages. Calendar priority. Tag team the Holy Trinity or Triple Goddess. Get free-hand intuition whenever a dark cloud looms overhead and you need more direction, assurance or a second soul to lobby the Universe in your favor (aka cast a prayer or spell in honor of you). There are limited spots available for this option so in the meantime put your name on the waiting list and we’ll be in touch.

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What is the In the Mood Membership?

a. In The Mood Membership is an online subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay active with color psychology, tarot, astrology, crystals, and essential oils to improve your mood. You get access to locked content on my blog, plus encouragement emails (or calls depending on your tier) from me. You can connect with a supportive community in our private Facebook group and join live online trainings, interviews, exclusive workshops, and discounts. More perks to come.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

a. If you decide the In The Mood Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month/year. For instance, if you cancel anytime in December, you will not be charged in January. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month/year in which you cancel. No refunds or prorated refunds will be processed due to the nature of the product/service.

Is this right for me?

a. Imagine having something to look forward to after a tiresome week. If you enjoy personal development bingefests, bullet journaling your wins and keeping crystals in your pocket or bra this is for you. I wanted to help any soul no matter the race, region or religion to create a stronger connection with their divine self. I created this membership to deepen devotion, explore emotion, and pursue happiness. I’m fluent in two languages English and color, so if you speak both we’ll do great!

How is In The Mood delivered?

a. Drone – just kidding. You can access all In The Mood blog posts and content by logging into your account and clicking on the In The Mood category. If that’s not working then check your email for the latest In The Mood round-up. Miracle and On Call membership tiers offer personal guidance and that will be delivered via email, video conference, or in-person. Remember to check your junk/spam folder and make sure my emails are marked safe thru your inbox.

I’m super busy, how much time does this take?

a. I don’t waste time. Spirit’s messages vary depending on the energy connection. There’s no exact time frame for most readings because when you see a message or experience prayer/meditation than that’s when you were meant to. As an Aries I do love a bit of an impulse and brevity is sexy. So if I can bullet the points I shall, if not, we’ll take more time to chew with care.

What if I already pull cards and look at my horoscope?

a. Often Spirit uses the right person with the right life experience to guide us on our own journey. If you already read tarot and subscribe to an astrologer, I can with certainty tell you that no one on this planet sees color the same way I or you do. I’m not about pigeonholing spiritual practices, In the Mood is a membership that brings your favorite tools and practices in one place to save time and encourage you to put your magic into practice. Other resources tend to keep the advice reflective and it stays in your headspace – soon to be forgotten and replaced by an internet meme. My content is about actively participating in your spiritual practice and not having to go in it alone. Ask your guides if In The Mood is meant for you. I trust them.

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