In The Mood Tarot Card Reading with Color Therapy for this Week March 4-March 10

Last week we saw the impact of justice, transformation and modesty inside the Michael Cohen hearing with Congress. And if you were paying closer attention, you would have noticed justice being served in a quiet reverent demeanor like how AOC handled her line of questioning. Instead of being a loud grandiose gesture, she asked clear tangible questions and was prepared for follow-ups. This is the approach you need to stand out and actually be heard in an overly saturated space. On a smaller scale closer to my own immediate reality, I took the advice and applied to copywriting and editing roles. Useful positions that keep the brand flow flowing. It’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years for myself, friends and other enterprising entrepreneurs. It’s not something I flaunt around. I like editing other people’s work, to be honest. And it’s better than trying to be some grandiose red-face talking head gesturing justice and authority. A lot of power-positions disassociate and disconnect from the work they preach about. Neglecting the needs of who they really serve. AOC is teaching me to focus on the work. Which leads me to this week’s reading.




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