In The Mood Tarot Card Reading with Color Therapy for this Week March 11-March 17

Last week has been non-stop go go go for me! In the mail, I received a gifted Desire Map planner and treated myself based on the color reading of the week to a pair of pink glasses that filter the blue light from our screens to support eye wellness! I attended the Rising Women Conference in Pittsburgh. Got to laugh with Wiz Khalifa’s mom! Pink and white roses surrounded guests of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I even hugged a huge inspiration in my life and career – Alexandra Franzen (photos below). All of it happened on International Women’s Day which celebrates the power, resilience, and courage of womxn everywhere. That was Friday.

I needed Saturday to decompress and wear my unicorn slippers (photos below) I got from the conference as a goodie. And spend time with my revolutionary roommates.

Sunday, I woke up early and went to Lindsey Smith and Alexandra Franzen’s Tiny Book workshop (photos below). I met amazing souls that drove, flew and walked to the workshop with amazing book ideas. Big magic can happen in tiny books. Consider this your premonition for a future book from me heehee.

And while all this was going on under a Mercury Rx no less, my website was sick. That 500 Error you might’ve seen was because of a plugin error and I fixed it with tech support on Monday before I went to an interview. Which leads me into our energy for this week, so here’s the mood of the Universe and what you can do to hold onto the good vibes.




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