I’m Thinking of You Presents for Your Best Friend (Grace and Frankie Style)

Watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix gives me so much joy, laughter, and tears. I’m reminded to tell those I value, just how deeply I care about them. The show is progressive, heartfelt and spiritual and it got me thinking about gifts to give your best friend whether they’re proper like Grace or eccentric like Frankie. Disclosure: Hope you love the products! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

  1. Marijuana jewelry, cannabis necklace, luxury weed bracelets
  2. Moon jewelry based on your best friend’s lunar astrology
  3. Keep your friend in good spirits with this intention journal
  4. Clarity necklace for hard difficult faith wavering times
  5. Binchotan charcoal eye mask for self-care rituals
  6. Tell your best friend, they are loved, with this choose your mood line
  7. Start a beauty business together
  8. Make life goals together

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