I walk with glitter now

wilkes barre pennsylvania autumn photo

So I have been storming and brewing a tantrum since resigning.

The material world can be so overrated and glammed to the nines.

But there is something radical and uplifting about glitter.

I went to Walmart last weekend because I felt compelled to get out of the house and offer to make a debut appearance in public. I hopped in the car with my sister to Wally-World and set out to find delicious granola bars, $2 pumpkins and caught myself swooning over the last minute Halloween decorations.

It occurred to me that it was officially Autumn in my world when I peered over the changing landscape.

A gray blanketed sky struck by reds, oranges and yellow hues externally expressed what I felt like on the inside.

Color is quite sacred but what can the aurora of glitter suggest in your personal energy field?

I started to ponder and collect first impressions something I teach in my color mentorship. Glitter was never an element I elected to flaunt or related to because boys are intentionally shunned from such a dazzling force.

Naturally this lush color energy that I too feared just like pink needed acknowledgement.

A little voice in my head pushed me to be brave and reminded me that color needs no permission just mindfulness. And just like that I found myself connecting with my inner sparkle.

For my business – I purchased a glitter notebook to remind me that my divine soul biz shines.

For my heart – I purchased two different nail polishes one called the “golden rule” and the other “spitfire” both of which were overpriced in my opinion but who cares what the cost maybe as long as your intention is pure and you recognize that your soul is priceless. Truth is, I wanted both, and the first one “spit fire” called to me and when I asked my sister to pick one out for me, she pulled the same one – it’s meant to be!

I am currently in an exponential growth period that my glittery nails and notebook not only rebel against gender rules for boys but it certainly adds a dash of magic to my overall experience with color and heightens my emotional intelligence beyond current dimensions.

Glitter is the aurora of your inner sparkle. – Bernard Charles

glitter is for abundance photo

Work with silvery glitter to keep up your persistence in shining gracefully. Of course I’ve found that when I work with glitter I am drawn to herkimer diamond crystals! These vibrational sweets in the crystal kingdom provide authentic connections to your own source of power but also help you connect with others on a higher plane. So if you’ve been wishing on those shooting stars or been dependent on astrology as a means to connect with a soul mate or multi-dimensional heart throbs know that herkimers and glitter are the way to go.

It’s an equivalent to the speed of light!

Until next time love, light and color 


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