How to Make Your Jesus Year Happen Without Going to Church

Red alert. Making your Jesus Year happen doesn’t mean you have to abandon, mock, or ditch every new age practice or even go to church each week.

Yeah yeah, so for starters, a Jesus Year is synonymous to living an unapologetic year where you don’t spiritually bypass your burdens, but instead learn to surrender to what’s real, pure, golden, free, and joyous. It’s a year where you let your hair down, embrace a new hobby, divorce a deadbeat, or put things on your card #yolo style. It’s your year to feel reborn. Resurrected mentally, emotionally and spiritually like the progressive Jew, we in modern times know as Jesus.

2019 has been my Jesus Year through and through. And I didn’t even plan it – I actually walked into it unemployed, single, in debt, and piss livid.

A little catch-up time

2018 was my bare-boned eat only beans and pizza rolls year. I left a toxic job because I trusted in a bigger plan. And I deserved more money. I also fell behind loans and eventually let it hurt my credit and now I’ll have the financial scars for awhile. I moved out-of-state to Florida and learned that privileged people don’t know shit about poverty since they never lived in it. And I grew exhausted trying to prove my work ethic to prospective employers while racking up over $500 in Uber rides to go to job interviews just to be turned away because I wasn’t average enough, good enough, or privileged enough. 2018 taught me that I’m a greater friend when I’m not in survive or die mode. I’m a greater human when I’m not fighting for my life.

The twist

At the end of 2018, I pushed myself to release Change Your Mood Oracle, even though I didn’t feel stable enough. I knew I needed to get more positive energy into the world whatever the cost. 4 days after the official release of my new emotional learning card deck on a Mercury Retrograde no less, I got a text that triggered me to blast Ong Namo on YouTube. I somehow knew intuitively that I was being asked to leave. Who are we kidding, I was being kicked out. Cause that’s what it felt like my entire life when people tell you to leave. But this time it was genuinely different because it was bigger than myself and I would’ve done the same thing if I was in their shoes. And I’m so grateful they were brave for asking, I just wish they were around to see me go. A hug would’ve cushioned the fall.

This will be the 4th time in my life, moving beyond my control but who’s counting considering I have a stellium in my 4th astrological house influenced by Capricorn. But the yogic music didn’t numb the news that day or make the pain of my heart splitting in all directions any bit easier. Instant rejection and abandonment flared up and I clawed at my skin while crying in a WaWa parking lot. Then the title of this book popped into my mind and I called a homeless shelter feeling mostly disbelief, but I had nowhere else to go. While waiting for a callback, I closed my eyes and opened my heart for the Universe/God to handle all of me. Fragile. Gracefully broken.

You never do a Jesus Year alone

After giving all of me over to a higher power. Grounding in a bed of ash and rising like a phoenix. That greater strength made it possible in 48 hours for others to listen closely, offer space, and help me avoid going into the homeless shelter so that I can live out what would become my Jesus Year. I was offered a spare room with dear friends back in Pittsburgh. A well-known author who I absolutely adore living in Canada sent me some moolah. And the same friend who said goodbye at the airport when I left for Florida changed her weekend plans to pick me up to make sure I arrived safely for my new home. I think we’re tricked into thinking we have to do it alone most of the time, but in actuality, the Universe/God is with you every step of the way. Even those hard to swallow moments/people that bring change, chaos or corruption are here with valuable lessons so we can taste the sweat of our own light and divine connection with a purpose greater than ourselves.

What’s a Jesus Year Look Like

It doesn’t mean you go to church or read the bible every day. You could, but I don’t ascribe to made-up rules that antiquated religion uses to chain people’s self-expression like cattle. Since this is my Jesus Year, I focused on three core feelings that accelerated my comeback year that’s worth mentioning. Those feelings are hopeful, strong, and unique. These three feelings are also the names of the new special color cards that you can collect now to expand your Change Your Mood Oracle deck because I’ve used these color energies during my Jesus Year to live a whole lot more.

Here’s what happened during my Jesus Year in color. Ooo pictures!

There are other moments not captured by the camera, and those still made an impact in my life like little gifts and deep conversations. A Jesus Year is full of miracles outside of the rigidity of church. But I definitely found more power in music this year and here’s a playlist of Jesus Year music that makes my year less anxious and more centered.

Whatever season you’re going through remember to pull out your color deck and draw upon its energy for a reading. It’s designed to help you feel love, light, and color.


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  1. I just adore you.

    1. Bernard Charles October 2, 2019 — 9:44 am

      Awe thank you so much Susan!

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