How to feel sexy without animal print.


I am pissed off Bernard. My husband for 20 years said something that makes me angry. After seeing all that you are doing, I took a chance on buying new bed sheets for my bedroom that I share with my hubby. He and I are like Mike & Molly. I wanted to feel more sexy when I am around him because being on the heavy side makes me honestly worthless. Well, I bought new sheets because I thought it would make me feel sexier in bed to please him. After putting them on the bed, my husband walks in and laughs at the color I chose. A silky leopard print that I think is sexy. He looked at me horrified and said “I didn’t marry a beast.” I don’t know what I did wrong but that comment was mean! Help!!! What color is really sexy? – Wild Beauty 

Dear Wild Beauty,

Feeling sexy is not a crime nor is it a gateway to seeing yourself as piece of meat!

You are more than a fine ass.

Perhaps you wanted to convey to your husband the exciting and wild adventures to be had in your bedroom but using a lot of animal print in that fashion tends to lead to embarrassment and unease. Much of today’s culture is triggered to dislike the big print feel because it makes you (if you’re wearing it) or a room (displaying it) larger than what actually appears.

Some items that are poorly made use animal print to play on your emotions to feel strong, agile and proud like a beast they represent but unfortunately the use of animal colors or the print itself tends to do more hiding than empowering.

Are you semi-conscious to the fact that choosing animal print hides what really makes you sexy?

When I refer to something as a sexy – I don’t necessarily see it as being sexual or provocative.

In my previous rendezvous with love, my Cancerian lover questioned me on calling ‘anything’ sexy. He just didn’t understand that basically an intelligent conversation, plant or simple scent of him turned me on full blast in that very moment.

I feel so alive on this planet that when something or someone aligns with my energy it makes me feel, say and be sexy.

The sensations of being fully empowered and aroused by the present moment can also scare people. The raw intensity of pure passion asks people to unmask, derobe and embrace intimacy in a sexy way. Often with themselves which most are unwilling to explore.

However you are AWESOMELY sexy for taking the initiative to use color.

Bravery is sexy in color. (tweet me)

I would suggest talking to your husband first as that bed is his sacred space as well so the animal print was a surprise I bet! And know that the conversation probably would have lead to you explaining why you don’t personally feel sexy to begin with thus taking the chance to hide behind animal print.

I think it is immensely charming of your husband to say he didn’t marry beast. Instead he married beauty and for that I don’t think you need safari linens to stir up sexy – you already got it.

You are still married (passionately) so something is still cookin’ good lookin.

As an alternative way to pull off the “I am not sexy enough” covers why not try burgundy colored sheets like these because this color works with your root chakra and invokes empowered passion for those physiological needs. And if you are still itching for a reminder to release your inner sexy beast than you can always keep a black bowl of leopard and dalmatian jasper crystals on your bedside table to activate playfulness beyond closed doors.

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3 thoughts on “How to feel sexy without animal print.

  1. Really like the burgundy colours! The colour of rose petals! Love it. x

  2. I love this! I am also considering putting a ‘black bowl of leopard and dalmatian jasper crystals’ on my bedside table for a bit of playfulness haha. Thanks for sharing. Kate, Wondrous

    1. Oh Kate have fun with crystals they are beautiful and colorful! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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