How to be more lucky

Sprinkling some St. Patrick’s Day magic

by Bernard-Charles

saint patrick's day green pancakes photoThe day could not have been more suiting for this Irish holiday!

  • The Color of the Day turned out to speak this truth.
  • Ate green pancakes for breakfast.
  • Wore a green shirt along with my adventurine crystal bracelet.
  • I am drinking green tea with an extra bag of mint tea.

It’s a jam packed day for luck and abundance and I am certainly feeling lucky! All these little acts of green make me believe even more in the power of luck. As defined online, luck is a chance based success that isn’t influenced by the person’s actions. The day started out just like that, I pulled a color card (emerald) at random by shuffling the deck. We haven’t had this color energy since February 12, 2013. So, it is to my will that luck starts off as chance, but the rest will come dependent on how you follow through or accept the little leprechaun’s gift. If you close yourself off to the prosperous energy than more than likely terror and stress will tip toe into your life.

Green is associated with the heart chakra. This chakra is the epicenter of love and compassion and is also comprised of the color pink. Love is abundant in the Universe, so it is expected to grow and prosper as a currency between spirits. In order to attract more good into your life or say “Hey Universe look at me, I’m ready for a shot of luck!” then paying close attention to your heart chakra is needed. Here are some things you can do to open your heart chakra and increase the chances of being the luckiest person in the world.

Finding the pot at the end of the rainbow

Giving is receiving – The idea behind giving to others in order to receive in return is legendary. This follows a karmic understanding throughout religions everywhere and taps into our human nature. You can do this by tutoring someone, lending an ear (not literally!), community service, or trade of services.

Be vulnerable and flexible – Not saying bending over backwards for people is the degree you want to strive for, but allowing yourself to free up any constricted or blocked energy will increase your personal luck meter. Opening yourself up to those around you will show an honor in your truest beliefs, and demonstrate to others (and Universe) that you are able to go with the flow and be confident in taking charge of your own self. In an interview I had a couple of days ago, the manager told me that he enjoys placing precedence on an applicant whose availability lists “anytime” because this frees up stress for employer and employee. Negotiating should always be expected since it shows possibility not promise.

Be love – Celebrate anything and all things that are love. People may have different symbols of love but the point is that it’s love. Be open to educating yourself to love. Allow the flow of loving energy consume you. You can read books on love or chakras, attend workshops and retreats (Join the Soul Path Tribe), smile at strangers with the intent of sending love to them, meditate, or even have meaningful safe sex to stimulate both heart and root chakras. Like the saying goes, kill your enemy with kindness, but I say get lucky with love. 😉

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